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Roland Martin had a solid response to a recent tweet by Mo’Nique challenging his record for fighting for equality for Black folks. The TV One veteran set the record straight on Twitter early Friday morning.

Martin had originally tweeted at Mo’Nique’s official Twitter account with a positive message early Friday.

Mo’Nique then replied to Martin tweet with an insult aimed at the TV veteran.

Martin took the move in stride and issued an impassioned response. After coming for Martin, Mo’Nique may want to take a break from social media, which has seen a lot of the comedian lately.

Mo’Nique has been pretty busy with her online campaign pushing Black folks to boycott Netflix. She aired her complaint of gender and racial bias at the streaming company on her Instagram account a week ago. The boycott was a specific response to Netflix offering her $500,000 to her for a comedy special, she said, while fellow comedian, Amy Schumer, who is White, got $11 million for hers.

Here’s Mo’s words on it:

“I am asking that you stand with me and boycott Netflix for gender bias and color bias. I was offered a $500,000-deal last week to do a comedy special. However, Amy Schumer was offered $11 million, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle — $20 million. Then Amy Schumer went and renegotiated two more million dollars because she said, ‘I shouldn’t get what the men are getting, they’re legends, however, I should get more,’ and Netflix agreed.”

Wanda Sykes and Jada Pinkett-Smith have backed Mo’Nique in her fight against gender and racial pay gaps. Others have disagreed with the Oscar winner. Whatever the next step is for Mo’Nique, letting her Twitter fingers start online beefs probably is not the best course of action.



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6 thoughts on “Roland Martin Responds To Mo’Nique Diss About What He’s Done For Equality

  1. MariAnne Bolton on said:

    No disrespect to Monique. I wish everyone would just stop responding to her and let her do what she feels she should do. Maybe, eventually, she will stop. I really believe she is experiencing some mental stress that a lot of humans are experiencing these days. There’s no need for us Black intelligent people to continue to put on a show for White people by fighting amongst ourselves. Please Stop It!!! Pray for Monique!!!

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