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More and more we see comedians scoring deals with different networks like Showtime, Netflix, HBO and much more to showcase their comedy. It’s almost become like a right of passage for comedians. Netflix has given deals to comedians Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle amounting way into the millions.

However, according to, actress and comedian Mo’Nique is not happy with the video streaming giant after a meeting that set her over the edge. She posted a video to her Instagram account asking her fans to boycott Netflix for its gender and race bias.


“I was offered a $500,000 deal last week to do a comedy special,” explained Mo’Nique pointedly. “However, Amy Schumer was offered $11 million, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle $20 million…when we asked Netflix to explain the difference they said, ‘Well that’s what we think Mo’Nique will bring.”

She goes on explaining how she asked the company why her resume wasn’t being considered to which they responded saying that resumes were something they never considered when making a contract. Mo’Nique believes it’s a huge contradiction since they took into consideration Schumer’s comedy and movie deal that allowed her a special with Netflix for $11 million.

From the looks of the video, it seems that Mo’Nique is not playing and ready to fight.




(Photo Credit:  Retna Digital)

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49 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Ask Fans To Boycott Netflix For Gender & Color Bias

  1. Maybe it would have been better for her to take what they offered and then if her show was a success and received broad appeal, she could re-visit the financial arrangements at the re-negotiations. Mo’Nique needs to learn to play the game. She seems soo negative and unhappy-negative energy in her atmosphere! Another rich black woman with a poor husband “manager” who doesn’t have any sense or wisdom (i.e. Mary J. Blige). Maybe they should have listened to Ciara hahaha!!!

  2. Well, Sis, if she does invite me over and we discuss the boycott that will be our choice. But, I hope that you will move on as well—that’s called acceptance. Blessings.

  3. African American Woman on said:

    She didn’t like the offer, so what, move on to a better opportunity…its called capitalism…maybe Monique will invite you over so you two can moan an bitch about entitlement issues while you boycott Netflix.

  4. Khafee on said:

    You can’t compare an average working person’s salary to that of a celebrity. It is apples to oranges. Furthermore, when you have Wanda Sykes stating that she was offered $250,000 by Netflix, then clearly this validates Monique’s argument. Hang in there Monique. I support you on your boycott.

  5. Ennylism on said:

    @SpecialT757: You Wrote:

    specialt757 on January 21, 2018 at 11:20 pm said:

    Well, I hate to use my husband’s mother’s favorite saying, but it fits here, Mo “broke her plate” with the powers that be in Hollyweird. The first amendment assures you won’t be jailed, however,it doesn’t ensure you won’t face consequences.#notwinning
    Reply ↓

    Leslie on January 22, 2018 at 10:20 am said:

    “Broke her plate”! 😄 I’ve never heard that one, but I definitely like it! 👍🏽😋
    Reply ↓
    specialt757 on January 22, 2018 at 4:21 pm said:

    Use at will girl lol. Great sayings come from the southern region, okay well, right now I can’t think of another one hahaha.
    I hail from Greensboro, North Carolina and was raised by my grandmother, came of age circa 50s,60s. As kids when we got in trouble and facing the switch she used to say ” you done tore up your playhouse”. (Smiling at the memory).

    Another one, thinking about what she might say about Mo’nique’s Netflix faux pas:

    ” You ain’t got enough sense to pour pee out of a boot backwards.”

    • Leslie on said:

      LOL @ “…tore up your playhouse!” I LOVE IT! 😂😂 I’m originally from the South, and am now living in the South again, though not in my home state. My family is really small, and spread out, but I really do miss the elders like my grandma from whom I may have heard some of these… Sigh, #GoneTooSoon 😞

    • And Mo, to turn that kind of money down was silly. Many of us with COLLEGE DEGREES and MASTER’S DEGREE do not make that kind of money in years let alone in one hour worth of work on Neflix.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Having every degree available rolled into one doesn’t guarantee that kind of cash!

  6. americanize on said:

    First an foremost,I love Monique,and I think she,s very funny.But I belive she drop the ball on this one.5OO G,s aint no joke.

    • African American Woman on said:

      For 500 G’s; I would have put on a comedy show, performed in a one woman band, and cooked dinner for everyone in the audience!

  7. steve williamson on said:

    hello imboycotting Netflix and im really enjoyingdoing that very much just wanted you to know this thanks for asking us to do that thanks

  8. Monique had no problem bashing Oprah and Tyler so I don’t feel sorry for her at all. When is the last time you hear of Monique giving back to the community like Oprah and Tyler have, She won an Oscar and thinks she is the bomb. No your not. You were offer half a million dollars and you turn that down considering you haven’t been getting any offers. Keep on listening to your stupid husband who Im sure is giving you bad advice. You wanted to be paid to promote the movie Precious and didn’t do it cause they didn’t pay you. Every actor who is in a movie promotes it but since you won an Oscar you feel you need money to promote the movie. And the last time I saw your comedy act you were vulgar and telling Oprah and Tyler to suck your D__K if you had one. You do have balls cause you might as well kiss your career goodbye and get back on the touring scene.

  9. Well, I hate to use my husband’s mother’s favorite saying, but it fits here, Mo “broke her plate” with the powers that be in Hollyweird. The first amendment assures you won’t be jailed, however,it doesn’t ensure you won’t face consequences.#notwinning

      • specialt757 on said:

        Use at will girl lol. Great sayings come from the southern region, okay well, right now I can’t think of another one hahaha.

  10. African American Woman on said:

    Really, Monique? Gender and color bias? Last time I checked, both Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are both of a darker hue than you and are being paid waaaaayyyy more than you and Amy…combined, a few times over…that’s the breaks. You can’t win them all…maybe this is the wake up call you need to revive your own career…go in a direction that allows you to appeal to bigger and more diverse audiences…automatic increase. I can’t stand Steve Harvey, but give him credit for reviving and growing his own brand…

  11. msstarr82 on said:

    Monique has “foot in mouth disease” and refuses to accept that she is her own worst enemy. The tantrums she continues to throw put her in the “we don’t want to work with her” category. If this is not what she wanted then she should behave differently. Personally I will NOT boycott Netflix or anything else over her self caused predicament. Is she funny??? Yes but there’s more to this than humor AND she is well aware of this. Just because SHE thinks that she is worth a higher price doesn’t mean anyone else running a business has to agree with her. THAT’S LIFE!!!!! i simply don’t feel sorry for her current status in her career.

    • Wow Sis. You sound pretty bitter about Monique. It sounds like her “foot in mouth disease” caused you the pain. May you be blessed with the light of understanding.

      • msstarr82 on said:

        I’m NOT bitter about Monique’s predicament that she self caused by her attitude, behavior, and speech. What I am not going to do is “enable her delusion” that she is being mistreated for NO REASON by others than herself!! She has not even had the decency to apologize and/or retract all of the comments she has made against others in her rants about her situation!! Why would anybody deny themselves Netflix watching to assist her by joining her pity party? Making mistakes is human but then own your mess and improve the situation. Even when it hurts to admit you did something wrong.

    • Khafee on said:

      Ok, I see. By the bold letters and exclamation points, you’re just hostile and a bit angry that Monique “self caused” her own issue of being mistreated. But, you’re not bitter.

      • msstarr82 on said:

        YOUR idiocy is definitely unimpressive. My mind and thought process does NOT require or request approval. EVER.

      • msstarr82 on said:

        BTW, Monique isn’t being mistreated she EARNED her position in this situation by her own mouth and behavior. Being difficult and ego driven when others refuse to accept your reference point as the correct one. ALWAYS has consequences whether or not you believe your deserve them!!!

  12. leadjustone on said:

    Hollywood is essentially a small town. Relationships matter, so you can’t discount Monique’s reputation for being “difficult” to work with. Also, the Oscar win doesn’t seem to carry much weight in terms of locking down future jobs. Halle Berry was surprised that the flood gates didn’t open for her after her Oscar win. I realize Monique has a long history of being a successful stand up comic, but Netflix is bringing up a legitimate question re Amy Schumer selling out Madison Square Gardens. Personally, I think Monique is funnier than Amy, but I am not a member of the majority (white) community. Bottom line, it’s all about the bottom line.

    • Tim Green on said:

      EXACTLY, outside of the black community she has zero ZERO followers & noone knows her plain & simple (ask anyone not black about the “comedian/actor Mo’Nique” and you’lll get a blank stare) so her getting a special on netflix at all gives her the opportunity to possibly expand her viewer base into the “main stream” … Look at who netflix has spent the big money on people with “broad appeal”. So from a strictly business standpoint theres no reason for netflix to offer her what they offered the other mentioned individuals

  13. Deep breath…Sometimes it isn’t very difficult to see why our beautiful, yet so flawed and damaged community, doesn’t elevate and prosper in the way that we truly can. Love and compassion is so effortless, yet some of us seem to remain in a perpetual state of personal pain and unconsciousness that we are oblivious to the humanity in others. We squander a lot of vital energy with our negativity. What rationale does anyone have to harbor resentment towards Monique, as if they have a personal experience to share on her wrongdoing of them. Monique’s concerns are not predicated on her fall out with celebrities. They are legitimate on its own merit. For Netflix to offer her $500,000 to do a comedy special is nothing short of a blatant insult. Monique’s talent and tenure in the business– and her resume as she stated—should afford her a figure in the millions, anything less is charity. I respect Monique and her work, and so I will be supporting her. And, I will most certainly make my position known to Netflix.

    • MariAnne Bolton on said:

      To Khafee (with all due respect) I really believe (with her reputation)…she would do herself justice to HUMBLE herself and take the money, because she never know where that could have led her. Maybe GOD was testing her. ijs

      • Khafee on said:

        Yes, she could have just taken the money. That was an option. But, if someone offered you a salary for a job considerably less than what your worth would you take it? Monique chose to walk away and I respect her decision. She’s an accomplished actor and comedian and she deserves to be respected as such. Period.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Monique personally hasn’t done a thing to me and I harbor no resentment towards her, but business is business…How about if they hadn’t approached her at all? Khafeee, since you seem to have an open view about how companies monetize talent and I’m sure you’re not making as much as you feel you’re worth; how about you go to your HR and protest your pay because you deserve so much more…Please report back tomorrow on how that went…from your livingroom…Unless your the boss, you’re literally at the whim of others.

      • Khafee on said:

        Actually AAW, I’m pretty satisfied with my earnings and my worth. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for working people to protest their pay. Many Americans have done it, individually and collectively, and it has resulted in better living wages and working conditions. So, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little research. Also, as I stated previously, Monique is an accomplished actor/comedian. Netflix could have offered her much more. That is my position and I will be reaching out to Netflix on her behalf. Thank you.

  14. Nichole Davis on said:

    Maybe Netflix thinks she is just not on that level to be paid that much. Nothing to do with race or gender bias. Sorry Monique

    • No you are so wrong this Sister spoke truth to power to the devil and that’s her punishment. That’s why we as black folks need to stand up for Monique and support her! But i forgot most of us don’t have a back bone. Hey not all but 60% are followers of the devil bad ways.

      • Leslie on said:

        “Soul”, I don’t think it’s fair that you’ve chosen to characterize most Black people as being spineless, and/or “following the devil’s bad ways”, simply because you don’t share Nicole’s opinion. Personally, I don’t feel compelled to “get behind” an idea, concept or proposition based simply on the color of the propositioner’s skin, rather than the actual merits of the idea or proposition itself. Now that does NOT mean that I don’t have and show support for other Black people, because without a doubt, I definitely do, however, I am also of the belief that we have to be careful of blindly supporting any and every ideology based solely on the fact that another person shares the same skin color as us, and I try to avoid encouraging the concept of “group think” as it relates to issues such as this. Furthermore, if you truly supported the concept that you speak of, then you would be supporting Nicole’s right to have an opinion that differs from your own, without feeling the need to reduce yourself to talking down about the Black community as a (majority) whole. As far as this particular issue goes, if YOU or anyone else here wholeheartedly supports what Mo’Nique has had to say about this Netflix opportunity, and you feel the need to support her in this boycott, then by all means, DO IT! I definitely won’t be running you or anyone else down as a result of that decision, because I am insightful enough to recognize that there are a lot of nuances and grey areas to this particular accusation of discrimination, some of which are opinion and/or experience-based. Now as far as your assertion that 60% of Black people are “following the devil’s bad ways” and that Mo spoke truth and power to the devil, I’d be curious to know whether or not you have ever actually listened to Mo’Nique and her husband Sidney’s weekly podcast “Open Marriage”, and whether or not you are aware of how they actually view the “concept” of God, or if they even believe in God at all? I ask this only because you are coming across as being very judgmental of other Black people in this issue simply for disagreeing with you, even to the point of going so far as to align us with Satanic followings, but perhaps what you should do is take the time to listen to that free podcast, and then maybe email or call THEM up to rant about what you personally perceive as “following the devil’s bad ways”. In essence, you should be as careful about what or who you choose to blindly support, as you are about who you choose to blindly malign….

      • African American Woman on said:

        Sure, I’ll protest as soon as I get a written, stamped and notarized IOU from Monique for my part in this protest…Until them, I’ll do what I feel…Is anyone protesting to get you anything you may have not earned?

  15. Tim Green on said:

    Hmmmm, so just because she doesnt feel she was offered what she’s worth it automatically has to be a race/gender issue?? … more likely its the fact that her name is lesser known outside the black community than the other artists she mentioned .. may not be “fair” but thats something thats taken into account when money for things like that are discussed

    • RENO2AC on said:

      My thoughts exactly, Tim Green. She cannot possibly think that she ranks up there with Chris Rock and Chappelle! Now, Amy is a different matter. I don’t find her funny at all, and I have no understanding how she can command that type of money.

  16. leadjustone on said:

    Maybe the word has gotten around about her difficulties with Oprah, Lee Daniels, etc. Truly, Monique may never eat lunch in that town again!

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