Black Twitter is mourning the possible end of the influential community they found on Twitter more than a decade ago, but users are split between finding a new app or staying put.

Twitter recently launched the twitter circle which is a feature that you can send tweets to a private group.

It's been confirmed, the world's richest man now owns Twitter.

Twitter finally got some courage and permanently banned Donald Trump from the site.

It looks like outgoing President Donald Trump won’t be using one of his powerful communication tools anymore as the social media giant Twitter has released a statement announcing the permanent suspension of his account.

It's an honor fit for a King. The late Chadwick Boseman's final tweet now his the distinction of being Twitter's most like tweet ever.

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke has been banned from Twitter for breaking the social media platform’s site’s rules forbidding hate speech. The company said Friday that Duke’s account “has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of the Twitter Rules on hateful conduct.” LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM & TWITTER. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. It didn’t […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened social media companies with new regulation or even shuttering a day after Twitter added fact checks to two of his tweets. The president can’t unilaterally regulate or close the companies, which would require action by Congress or the Federal Communications Commission. But that didn’t stop Trump […]

Nicki Minaj and her ex Meek Mill had a war of words on Twitter Wednesday after she accused him of abusing women. He fired back by claiming she aided and abetted her brother’s sex crimes against a minor. Check out their posts below. It seem to all start when the “Queen” rapper tweeted a diss at Meek, writing, […]

Lizzo announced on Sunday night that she’ll be taking a break from Twitter because she’s under attack by “too many trolls.” The “Truth Hurts” singer said in her tweet, “Yeah I can’t do this Twitter sh*t no more.. too many trolls… I’ll be back when I feel like it.” Her breakup with Twitter comes after her […]

In 2005, I was a junior in high school. At the few parties I attended, the song we most wanted to hear at house parties, birthday shin-digs and on our self-created mixes, was Amerie’s “1 Thing.” With the sound of blaring horns, kicking drums and a groove that couldn’t be denied, it was a jam. […]

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Twitter, reacting to growing concern about misinformation spread on social media, is banning all political advertising from its service. Its move strikes a sharp contrast with Facebook, which continues to defend running paid political ads, even false ones, as a free speech priority. “While internet advertising is incredibly powerful and very […]