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The story of women’s rights and equality has been around for years. It’s not confined to anyone area is it leaks into all sectors of life whether it’s finance, entertainment or politics.

Comedian and actress Mo’Nique has recently brought this issue to light after being offered only $500,000 for a Netflix special. Not pleased by the offer she asked her fans and friends to boycott the streaming service low balling her based on color and gender bias. Comedian Wanda Sykes jumped into the conversation to shed some light on where she stands on the Netflix and equal pay issue.

“Well I just wanted to clear some things up about this Netflix thing,” explained Sykes. “First of all I am not boycotting Netflix. All due respect to Mo’Nique I am not boycotting Netflix,” explained Sykes.

In the past she too was offered a deal from Netflix that was pretty low. “It was one deal for me. You know, it’s not like I didn’t get the deal. You know, they gave me the job. I just didn’t like the way I was being compensated so I went else where,” said Sykes.

The conversation that Mo’Nique has started does raise a very important question of equal pay among women in the entertainment industry.

“She had a legitimate claim so I just chimed in saying, ‘thank you for speaking out,’ because when I was shopping for my special they offered less than half of what she got,” said Sykes. “Mine was so low I thought my agent left off a zero.”

She went on to say, “I’m glad Mo’Nique spoke up because it needed to be said.” She continued saying that it’s, “important  for women to talk about what we’re being paid because that’s how we know what’s up.”

Women don’t typically talk about what they make and Sykes said it’s especially prevalent among Black women.

“Especially Black women. It’s almost like you know not shame. You know how hard people work out here everyday. And we know how blessed and fortunate we are to be in these positions and to be throwing around these numbers,” explained Sykes.


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