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Little Known Black History Facts

Little Known Black History Fact: William “Bill” Blair, Jr.


A Swimming Pool In NY’s East River? It Might Happen, Say Planners Murder Was The Tattoo That They Gave Him
Macon, Georgia Law School Graduate Admits To Dismembering Classmate
Watch Thug Bullying Elderly Couple On Bus Get Beat Down By Passengers
Ex-Boxing Champ Arrested For Battery, K.O.’s Guy Who Allegedly Made Gay Advances

National News Video

National News

Obama To Survey Deadly Washington Mudslide Damage The Worst State In America For Black Children
Say What Now? Average Credit Card Interest Rate Up To 21%
Powdered Alcohol? Not So Fast, Say Feds
American Man Wins Boston Marathon; First Since 1983

Weird News

Um?! Nebraska Toddler Gets Stuck Inside Claw Machine Montana Man Licks Cop’s Eyeball While Getting Arrested
Noisy Sex Lands Man Behind Bars
WHAT?! Man Pulls Out Machine Gun Over .22 Tax On Soda, Claims He’s Tax Exempt
17-year-old Boy Suffers Heart Attack After Friend Squeezes Testicles


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DON LEMON: “The Confidence Code”
Making The Village Stronger…One Act of Kindness at a Time
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