Sarah Peterson and Roberta Peterson are a mother-daughter duo who were recently brought together under miraculous circumstances. In July 1966, Sarah Peterson was a sixteen-year-old girl who had just given birth to a baby girl named Roberta. Ostracized from her family, Sarah was forced to go it alone, barely making ends meet while living in […]


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The uplifting news this week is about Theo Shaw, a member of the Jena 6, who has been sworn in as an attorney. In 2006, Shaw and five other Black teenage boys made national headlines after they were charged with attempted murder following a fight with a White student from their Jena, Louisiana high school. […]

The uplifting news this week is about Monte Scott, a 12-year-old Muskegon Heights resident, who decided to take matters into his own hands by filling potholes in his neighborhood. This act of kindness for his neighbors quickly went viral on social media! He uses dirt from his own back yard, shovels it into a large […]

Khalia Braswell fell in love with computers in the fourth grade and decided to pursue a career in technology. She interned at top companies including Wells Fargo, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments, Bank of America, and Apple to name a few. She last worked full time as a UX Engineer, creating the experiences of the Apple products […]

Cancer is almost always a devastating diagnosis, especially at a young age. But for 37-year-old Walter Gordy, the diagnosis came with a blessing. As reported by, Gordy’s lymphoma diagnosis led him to his half-brother. Surprisingly, he already knew him. His friend of 12 years, Mark Tolson, 37, was, like Gordy, raised by a single […]

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An educator from Newark, New Jersey is doing all that he can to protect his students from becoming victims of bullying. Akbar Cook—the principal of West Side High School—transformed one of the spaces at the school into a laundry room so that students who were teased for wearing dirty garments would be able to wash their […]

When learning the Heimlich maneuver can save the life of a loved one, friend, or a classmate! The uplifting news this week is about Kori Scott, a 9-year-old East Orange, New Jersey third-grader, who  saved the life of her friend by using the Heimlich maneuver. Kori was eating lunch with her friend when she began […]

In 2016, Rodney Smith founded the nonprofit lawn care program in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. The Raising Men Lawn Care Service helps young people give back to their communities. There are currently over 130 kids in this program all over the US; as well as Canada, Bermuda and the UK. The program provides lawn […]

Teachers may be some of the most hard working, under appreciated people in the country. Courtney Adeleye and her husband decided to bless their daughters teacher with a car after they found out that she had been taking multiple buses to get to work for years. “When my husband tells me that the teacher who […]


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – Although born more than 40 years apart, Theresa Lyles and her granddaughter Zuri Lyles were part of the same graduating class at Tennessee State University. Theresa, 68, and Zuri, 22, walked across the stage to accept their degrees, when TSU held its spring undergraduate commencement in the Howard C. Gentry Complex on […]