Tom and this guest go way back, he even gets to sit in the big chair when Tom is out. It’s Skip Murphy! He’s the voice you hear during the holidays when Tom is off and he’s been a huge part of the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Back in 1993 when the TJMS became syndicated, […]

Tom Joyner and Sybil Wilkes are ready for space! The duo visited the NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida and learned about the ins-and-outs of space travel. Watch the videos below to get a look at their visit. VIDEO 1 | Astronaut Crew Quarters: Charles Bolden Jr. and Captain Winston Scott […]

Over the weekend lots of people were talking about Andrew Luck’s decision to retire. During Saturday’s Preseason game the Indianapolis Colt’s quarterback informed his team that he was retiring. Naturally Indianapolis fans were pretty shocked and upset. But, after hearing his reasoning, Sybil says she can’t blame him. Guy Torry is slightly happy that he […]

Kym and Sherri were part of a lady’s night out comedy show over the weekend and one fan really thought she was their friend. She stood up in the middle of the show and talked back to Kym! But, Sybil explained that’s what happens when you’re on morning radio and everyone thinks their your bff. […]

  Many artists have been impacted by Tom Joyner but not all of them had the opportunity to grow up listening to the radio icon. Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin is one of the lucky ones. Growing up in the Dallas area, Franklin listened to Joyner during his “Fly Jock” days. That’s when Joyner was flying […]

Dallas was hit by a major storm Sunday afternoon and things are still not back to normal. Thousands of people still do not have power in their homes and the traffic lights are still out. Sybil noticed that when the stoplights aren’t working people tend to freak out. They have no idea what to do […]

A lot of things have changed for Brandon T. Jackson since the last time he’s talked to the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew. He’s getting ready to welcome his fourth child! “They just keep coming,” he said. He doesn’t know where they’re coming from but it might have something to do with the fact that […]

Have you ever not been able to get a dress unzipped after an event? Kym had that issue last night. She wore a really nice dress out and struggled to get the zipper undone. She blames it on her extra “tata’s” and stomach. Sherri remembers those days and her other former “big girl problems.” HEAD […]

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with activist Christina Kittles and transgender community leader Paige Mahogany Parks. There have been four attacks on transgender women in Jacksonville, fla., all within 6 months and a 10 mile radius. Three of the attacks resulted in death and the fourth victim was hospitalized. The transgender community in Jacksonville now fears […]

4/14/17- Happy Friday! Tom, Sybil and Lavell Crawford talk Easter wardrobe and more 2017 Fantastic Voyage Cruise talk. Listen below.

4/13/17- Tom has returned from vacation and he, Sherri Shepherd and Sybil Wilkes tell Kym Whitley about what really happened on the 2017 Fantastic Voyage. Listen below.  

3/31/17- It’s the Friday before the 2017 Fantastic Voyage presented by Ford and Tom and Sybil are ready! Lavell Crawford — not so much. Find out why the funny man may be in for a rude awakening?