Inside Her Story: Is There A Serial Killer In Jacksonville?


Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with activist Christina Kittles and transgender community leader Paige Mahogany Parks.

There have been four attacks on transgender women in Jacksonville, fla., all within 6 months and a 10 mile radius. Three of the attacks resulted in death and the fourth victim was hospitalized. The transgender community in Jacksonville now fears that they are being targeted by a serial killer.

Parks says that there is already a strained relationship between the trans community and the sheriff’s department, as well as the mayor’s office. Being transgender herself, Parks feels disrespected because the police have been “misgendering” the victims as men or men appearing to be dressed as women. She says it feels like, “we’re not even visible, we don’t even belong in the community here in Jacksonville Florida.”

Parks wants to make it clear that, “we are women.”

Having trouble listening above? Check out the audio below: 

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3 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: Is There A Serial Killer In Jacksonville?

  1. No, you are not a woman. For crime and police statisticians, accurate information is crucial and your ‘feeling’ as a different sex distorts true sex statistics. Example, these are men crimes against men not women. Also, how many women have been assaulted and killed in 6 months. Crimes against this community is not worse off than crimes against real women. Lastly, if this community is true to their partners, maybe, just maybe, the assault rate will decrease. Some men may not want a chick with the opposite anatomy.

    • The Black Trans Nudist on said:

      Transwomen are women. Look at the identity, TransWOMEN. They should be recognized as Transwomen. Regardless of what you think you know, Transwomen are not deceiving anyone. Alot of these individuals and I’m speaking as a transwoman myself, are targeted by homophobic and transphobic people, men who may be attracted to them but due to society’s thought patterns much like yours are the reason why they are killed. Thanks to hypermasculinity and willful ignorance transpeople are deemed as deserving of their deaths.

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