Would she even be Jennifer Hudson if she didn’t come on singing?! She says she’s not ready to not hear the Tom Joyner Morning Show on the air. On behalf of all TJMS listeners she says, “we don’t want you to go.” But she just couldn’t let today go by without telling Joyner “congratulations” and showing […]

Ice Cube couldn’t let the Tom Joyner Morning Show end without calling to tell him thank you. From the bottom of his heart he is grateful to have had the opportunity to come on the show and “promote anything that [he] had on the table.” He says having the opportunity to “speak to [his] folks” […]

Tom Joyner and Spike Lee go way way back! Lee is so “happy” for Joyner to finally be retiring after “a quarter century” of hard work and dedication. Lee thanks Tom for being so supportive of his career over all of these years. Even before he even put out a single film, Tom let him […]

Chris Paul likes to sing, so of course he has a song for his last day on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. He sings a song all about Mr Joyner to the tune of Mr. Grinch. He salutes Joyner for building his empire with sweat and hard work, not luck. He’s the captain, the goat, […]

Tom’s favorite Zeta just had to call in and give him his props. Sheryl Underwood says she and Tom have “been through everything together.” He changed her life so many years ago, she says if it weren’t for him letting her on the radio she’s not sure if they would have ever let her on […]

Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. and Tom Joyner go way back. Both of them are living legends who have done a lot for the Black community and America in general. Jackson says that Joyner played a huge role in his Million Man March, so much so that he says there would have been “no Million Man March […]

This is my final segment for the Tom Joyner Morning Show, and I actually have to say that it’s going to be the easiest segment I’ve ever done, because I’m dedicating the entire segment to Tom, Sybil, and the entire cast, crew, and team that makes this show possible.  And I say makes this show […]

It’s Madea! Madea called to wish Tom a happy retirement! “tank you for all the love” over the years. Remembers when they met when she was “working that pole” and he told her that she was going to be somebody. Tyler Perry has a great idea, he says since Madea is retired too they can […]

When Mary J. Blige came on to thank Tom for all he has done everyone in the studio said “oh my God” over and over and over. J Anthony Brown may be the most excited. Blige has been a huge part of the Tom Joyner Morning Show for years and Tom thanks her for her […]

George Wallace was such a huge part of the Tom Joyner Morning Show and a good friend to the entire crew! Wallace said he was “so happy” to hear J’s voice and the Yo Mama jokes started almost immediately. If they didn’t start talking about each others mamas then they wouldn’t be George and J. […]

Fellow radio personality D.L. Hughley is beaming with pride as he congratulates Tom on his retirement and tells him how rare it is  “that somebody does something for so long that they get to leave on their own terms.” Hughley feels blessed to have not only seen but had a relationship with “the most gifted […]

Ms. Dupre was J’s “partner in crime” so much so that Tom didn’t allow them to sit next to each other! He separated them like they were bad kids in a classroom. It was like that for years. She brought the gang down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and showed them a great time. […]