Katie Holmes is said to have pulled the plug on her six-year relationship with Jamie Foxx, according to published reports. Breakup rumors were first sparked after pictures emerged showing the Oscar winner partying in Los Angeles on Friday night with singer Sela Vave, folks then speculated that Foxx was cheating on Holmes, according to Page Six. A spy at La […]

After years of dating in secret, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are reportedly set to get married in Paris, claims a source for Radar Online. The insider said: “Paris is the city where they decided to go public with their romance after years of sneaking around.” They are said to be planning a winter wedding. “Katie has waited a long […]

If you’ve seen Jamie Foxx’s daughters, you could assume that he has a certain complexion preference although you can’t say you’ve ever seen him with a public girlfriend. Despite crushes on Oprah and Serena Williams, though they were maybe just for publicity purposes, Jamie’s personal life has been kept under wraps. Well, except for the […]

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are done keeping their relationship a secret. Quietly dating since 2013, the actors are finally ready to leave zero doubt about their feelings for each other. A source confirms to Us Weekly they’ve been exclusive for years, but Holmes, 38, “used to be super worried about public attention.” So much […]

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are allegedly planning a wedding. Before you roll your eyes in doubt... read on for receipts.

There are sudden reports that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are not only secretly married, but expecting a baby girl. However, the website Gossip Cop says both reports are 100 percent false. Click here to see the pics of Jamie wearing a ring. And HERE to see them hanging out together in a recording studio. Here’s video of […]

They may not be showing it, but Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are rumored to still being very much an item. Page Six references a source who confirmed that things between the pair have not slowed down, despite denying rumors they’re dating (since 2013). “She is head over heels for him,” the source told Page […]

Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx friends with benefits? OK, that’s an inartful way of asking/wondering if the two stars are dating? In fact, that’s the headline (Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Dating?) and question from PEOPLE Magazine. It’s not exactly a new question, either. There have been rumors that the two have been […]

The Internet is trumpeting a reported email sent from Katie Holmes to Robin Thicke as a sign that the two are about to be more than just friends. Robin and Katie originally bonded on the set of their exes’ 2010 film “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,” while Patton and Katie’s ex-husband Tom Cruise were shooting scenes […]

The rumor was started by InTouch, which posted a story Tuesday morning with the headline, “Multiple Sources Confirm: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Are Dating.” The article featured sources who had witnessed the pair making covert, ninja-style trips in and out of Holmes’ apartment and Foxx’s hotel room in New York City. It referenced their […]

The rumor was started by InTouch, which posted a story Tuesday morning with the headline, “Multiple Sources Confirm: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Are Dating.”…