Jay-Z is really catching some heat from the Black community as a result of the Deal that he cut with the NFL. Russ points out that at the end of the day, we don’t even know what Jay-Z has or hasn’t done behind closed doors. People feel like he has abandoned Kapernick, but that raises […]


Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend is speaking out following the controversy surrounding the NFL signing an entertainment and social justice partnership with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. The rapper and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference yesterday at Roc Nation’s offices to discuss the partnership. Jay-Z and Goodell claimed they had conversations with Kaepernick prior to forming the partnership. via Variety: […]

There have been rumors that Travis Scott will perform at the Super Bowl along side Maroon 5. He has not confirmed the rumors but Reverend Al Sharpton and Michael B. Jordan are totally against the idea. Both men have expressed their disapproval noting that you can’t support Kaepernick and perform at the biggest NFL event […]

The FBI is investigating the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. While that seems like great news, there are some odd regulations surrounding the investigation. The FBI is not allowed to interview Dr. Ford or any of his accusers. They also aren’t going to be interviewing Mark Judge, who is Kavanaugh’s right had man. Rev. […]

People are still upset about Colin Kaepernick being the face of Nike’s new Just Do It Campaign. The Mayor of Kenner Louisiana has banned his staff from purchasing Nike products for use in the city rec centers. The policy has been criticized by other officials. But, Nike doesn’t seem to be negatively affected by the […]

11/6/17- In this weeks NFL Wrap Up, Chris Paul lays it down with a tight rap about the struggling NFL! They could benefit from signing Colin Kaepernick but they won’t do it. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

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Obama called Kaep's protest "legitimate," while Ali's ex-wife said he should "get off his high horse" and apologize.