Tom and Dominique go way back! She says he has been one of her biggest supporters and has “always been down for [her].” Dominique can remember the day she auditioned to be on the TJMS and Tom told her she “knocked that out the park!” When she got the call and heard that she got […]

Thanksgiving is next week, and one thing Black folks don’t play with is Thanksgiving dinner! It’s Dominique’s turn to do the cooking in her family and she’s not sure how it’s going to go. She calls it the “starter kit,” and says she doesn’t plan on inviting important people to dinner until she gets it […]

Friend of the TJMS, Dominique, is a D.C. girl through and through. She loves her hometown and won’t let you forget it, but she’s not to happy with D.C. right now. “The sun is shining but it’s raining somewhere,” she says. The Washington Washington Football Team are 0-3 and she’s fed up. “We can’t keep […]

If you know anything about Dominique you know that she’s a die hard Washington Washington Football Team fan. Even though they’re not doing very good, “I’m going to stay with the Washington Football Team if they’re on their last leg,” she says. But, if things get too bad she might have to get a “secondary team.” […]

Today we did something a little different, because we have Dominique in the Funny Chair; it’s Black Aunties Matter.  As an aunt your nieces and nephews tend to confide in you and tell you things they don’t tell their parents. But, when do you know it’s time to snitch? Dominique says if they tell her […]

We all know that Dominique is seriously hilarious, but you may not know that she and Tracy Morgan go way back! They go back so far that Dominique was wearing her jeans with heavy starch early on in their friendship. Back in the 90s Morgan would let Dominique open for him every time he headlined […]

Tracy Morgan bought a brand new Bugatti and got into a finder binder as soon as he drove it off of the lot. Tom knows that Dominique is a Tracy Morgan expert, so he calls her to get the details on yesterday’s accident. Dom says Tracy was so upset that he asked somebody to “call […]

All kids get a little mouthy sometimes. Kym’s son Joshua tries her all of the time! But sometimes he chickens out and won’t repeat himself. Dominique’s nieces and nephews don’t even try it anymore because she says she’s been putting the “goon hand” on them for years. HEAD BACK TO THE BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM HOMEPAGE

Dominique had her purse stolen once and never again. She was taking pictures with friends and fans at a comedy club when someone snatched her purse and took off. By the time she realized it she was angry! But, someone found it outside and because of a “secret component” she still had all of her […]

It’s so hard to find a shower cap that works. Especially if your head is bigger than that of a five-year-old. It seems like no matter how hard you try you can’t get it to cover all of your hair; the water will creep up the sides. Sybil suggests trying to tie a plastic bag […]

Have you noticed that your kids choose to try you in public like at a party? Maybe it’s because they think you won’t act a fool in public. Dominique says it doesn’t matter who’s around she’ll put the “goon hand” on her nieces and nephews. For Kym the “death stare” tends to do the trick! […]

No matter where you’re from you have one food that always reminds you of home! For Dominique, who is from D.C. it’s mumbo sauce! Tom’s in D.C. because he’s being honored by the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters and he offered to send her some. But, she’ll be home next week to get her […]