Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

As your kids get older you have to address that they might be doing the do. Skip Murphy asked what Demetria McKinney did to handle her son “having relations.” She says they’ve always been very close and open with each other so she would ask him straight up, “are you doing it?!” He said no, […]

The Fantastic Voyage is still going strong! But, Demetria got sick and had to sit it down because she’s allergic to diary. She ordered onion rings, but they had blue cheese in them! So, Tom being the good boo that he is, he brought her to the on board Doctor. Thankfully she’s okay and she […]

Derek J is back on the Fantastic Voyage and he looks amazing as usual! Tom saw him at the sneaker ball and he wasn’t wearing sneakers because he just has to wear 6 inch heals at all times.  Demetria isn’t hating…but she wishes she could get one pair of shoes before he does! Every time […]

When you get mistaken for someone else do you deny it or fight it? Demetria has been mistaken for Rihanna sometimes and she just plays into it. Most recently she’s been mistaken for King Amiyah Scott, who plays Cotton on Star. Demetria was flattered because she’s a beautiful trans model,” but she says “I ain’t […]

Have you ever defended your child only to find out that they were in the wrong? Demetria got a call that her son hit another child at school. She didn’t believe it because her son told her it wasn’t true and the teacher didn’t actually see what happened. So, as any mother would she defended […]

This morning Torrei was on her way into the studio when she was pulled over for speeding. But, she got out of a ticket by pulling at the officer’s heart strings. She told him that she’s a single mom just trying to get to work, and she even pulled the “I almost lost my home […]

Have you ever introduced you best friend to another friend and they begin to hang out without you?  Demetria has and now the two are so close they even call each other “cousin.” She was “big mad” so she called her best friend’s mom and invited her to Vegas. So, she’s petty and not afraid […]

Do your white friends bring something to your house for the holidays that you wish they’d leave at home? Sherri had a friend who brought a pumpkin pie to Thanksgiving, and Katt Williams accidentally ate it instead of sweet potato pie. Needless to say he was not happy. So please leave all pumpkin flavored things […]

We’ve been playing a little game called Two Truths And A Lie and Demetria’s up! Which one is the lie? Whitney Houston is such a huge influence on her life that she has a remake of Houston’s song You Give Good Love on her album Officially Yours. The second is that she’s been nominated for the NAACP Image Award for the best […]

1/4/18- Donnie Simpson hasn’t been getting out much from his hotel, only because he doesn’t know where to walk! He says he’s so low maintenance and doesn’t need room service…until his wife comes! We’re joined by Demetria McKinney in the Funny Chair who can’t get enough of Donnie! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For […]

Yup, some of your favorite people do come out of New Mexico! Check them out below.