Two Truths And A Lie With Demetria McKinney


We’ve been playing a little game called Two Truths And A Lie and Demetria’s up! Which one is the lie? Whitney Houston is such a huge influence on her life that she has a remake of Houston’s song You Give Good Love on her album Officially Yours. The second is that she’s been nominated for the NAACP Image Award for the best new artist and the third is going on tour with Xscape since Kandi Burruss executive produced her album.

Catch McKinney in The Quad on BET, Superstition where she plays Officer May Westbrook on SyFy and on Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne.

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One thought on “Two Truths And A Lie With Demetria McKinney

  1. Scandalous new book just out about our President.
    At least President Trump’s not “saggin” like all these young dudes nowadays……Apparently Donald Trump was more honest and blatant in his sexual peccadillos than Bill Clinton, who presented a “respectable” but fake front. But what else can we expect from a lawyer? Most Americans forgave Bill Clinton for his affairs after the Republicans in Congress self-righteously and hypocritically paid tons of OUR taxpayer money for the “Starr Report” on Clinton’s sex life, which was mailed to every household in the USA at taxpayer’s expense. “Hustler” publisher Larry Flynt, whom I had the honor of meeting a few months ago in Sin City, was the ONLY honest one out of the whole bunch. Flynt offered a MILLION dollar reward to anyone who could prove sexual misbehavior among Republican members of Congress. Soon, THREE top Republican Congressmen resigned after admitting their own sexual affairs. But I could not forgive Bill Clinton for LYING to US and insulting our intelligence on national TV when he tried to deny having sex with his young intern Monica Lewinski by saying, “I did not have sex with that woman.” Bill, how stupid do you think we are? But let’s put politics aside and savor the pleasures of a truly fine cigar….my friends, I am speaking of the fine El Presidente’ Cigar, with its latex tip to protect us against exposure to disease-infected bodily fluids, in these times of AIDS, Ebola, and now Zika, and second-hand tobacco carcinogens. For the lovely ladies, there is the fine Elle Monica Cigar, a bit more petite than the massively-endowed El Presidente fine cigar. El Presidente’ and Elle Monica fine cigars: “Safe Sex, Safe Smoke.”
    I guess these rich folks and politicians love to play “Sugar Daddy,” but just don’t do it with OUR hard-earned tax money! Hey, girls, THIS daddy has ALREADY run out of sugar….at least till the 3rd of next month! I got bills to pay. So quit askin’………
    Despite all the hateful comments on Bossip about Cardi B’s new boyfriend Offset, at least he’s not “saggin” like all these young dudes nowadays….pants down to their knees with underwear showing and half their *ss visible….how did that “saggin” style ever get so popular? Guess these dudes are trying to act tough like they’ve been in “the joint” all their life….probably served a few days for jaywalking…..and their mama bailed them out! Or maybe these “saggers” are lookin’ for a “sugar daddy” like all the young girls and even middle-aged women are lookin’ for, instead of gettin’ a jobby job….

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