Willie Moore Jr., his wife Patricia, and his family are about to be a party of six and today they revealed the gender of the new addition to their blended family. You may remember when they told their youngest sons they were going to big brothers: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bhu5JI-lOQU/?hl=en&taken-by=williemoorejrlive You may remember when Willie and his wife […]

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You better take yo’ ass to school, child: https://twitter.com/coolcam101/status/968757649008414721 OK, let me call them and see what’s the hold up then: https://twitter.com/CoolChris_007/status/968758495100243970 NOPE: https://twitter.com/DaSkrambledEgg/status/968758955987144704 Guaranteed beat down: https://twitter.com/ANGRYref/status/968761851659083776 Another guaranteed beat down in our day: https://twitter.com/danrivermama/status/968761594242052096 Who taught you that word “virgin” miss thang? https://twitter.com/weirdsavant/status/968764332174651392 Cause for a week’s grounding: https://twitter.com/laughingskull59/status/968761867635232768

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A divorced mother of four is going viral for striking her daughter in the face after the teen “bossed up” on her. It appears the young girl had been fighting another girl moments before the incident occurred. https://www.facebook.com/100010377586095/videos/vb.100010377586095/449042818784967/?type=2&theater After receiving polarizing backlash for how she disciplined the young girl, she wrote a lengthy post on […]

Dr. Stacey Patton is an adoptee, child abuse survivor, and former foster youth turned award-winning author, journalist and child advocate. Her reporting on issues of child welfare, race relations, and higher education has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Al Jazeera, BBC News, TheRoot.com, The Chronicle of Higher Education, ForHarriet.com, and Dame Magazine. She […]


We’ve all heard about the problems associated with kids consuming too much technology. It discourages critical thinking, imagination and other useful skills that they’ll need to be productive adults. Aside from limiting a child’s consumption of tech or banning it altogether, there is a way to turn a love of gadgetry into useful knowledge that […]

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JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi man has been indicted for manslaughter several weeks after his 8-month-old daughter died in his hot car while he worked. Joshua Blunt’s attorney, Carlos Moore, said Blunt was notified of the indictment Tuesday and appeared before a judge in Grenada County to plead not guilty. Circuit Judge George Mitchell […]


Just before putting together this week’s post, Liam and I went to the Toys, Tots, Pets and More ( TTPM) showcase in NYC that brought together a number of toy companies, bloggers and YouTube personalities to network and check out the latest in kids entertainment. Surprisingly, there were quite a few parents of color -all […]


Being a parent forces you to notice things in your surroundings that may have never before crossed your mind. One of them is the dreaded commute to and from places that aren’t walking distance. It takes damn near the preparation level of a military invasion to almost get it right. I say almost because unless […]


This week, many mothers and and supporters celebrated National Breastfeeding Day.  Judging from the social media banter, the topic of breastfeeding is still one that sparks controversy. Not that breastfeeding is a bad thing of course, but doing it in public has been a point of debate for far too long. One one hand, the […]

  Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Dr. Didi Saint-Louis spent her formative years traveling due to her father’s job as a Haitian diplomat. Now living in Atlanta, Dr. Didi is the head mommy-in-charge of two and owner of Healthy Mommy, Happy Baby, Inc., the intelligent resource for moms of color seeking medically sound advice and tips […]


Every day, Liam and I go out for a walk around the neighborhood. It gives him a chance to get away from the TV, gadgets and toys. Also, he gets to explore the stuff that kids love like rocks, sticks, birds and the occasional panhandler asking for money to buy lottery tickets. Liam always gets […]

“Because I said so!” Does that line bring back memories? Listen to the audio to hear 10 things Black parents say!