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A divorced mother of four is going viral for striking her daughter in the face after the teen “bossed up” on her. It appears the young girl had been fighting another girl moments before the incident occurred.

After receiving polarizing backlash for how she disciplined the young girl, she wrote a lengthy post on Facebook to defend her name.

While some feel the mother went too far hitting her daughter and calling her out of her name, others feel her actions were justified. What say you?

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15 thoughts on “Tough Love Or Too Much? Mother Hitting Disobedient Daughter Goes Viral

  1. Some parents,whether black or white, follow a pattern of abusing their children bcuz they were abused. Why not break that pattern and be a better parent to your child. Uplift him or her instead of the name calling, physical abuse and humilliation. These kinds of things discourages and they lose confidence in themselves even to a point of commiting suicide. I pray that this young lady will see that she can overcome the changes that she’s going thru and be proud of herself one day.

  2. Yes the daughter was wrong for disobeying her mother. Nut at the same time, the mom was very wrong for disrespecting her daughter like that. I felt that it was inappropriate in front of the younger children as well. What if a young man was speaking to her that way she wouldn’t like it. Embarassing her and low rating her is not going to give her confidence to believe in herself and become a better person. Encourage her and tell her that that is not the way. Do something more intelligent with your mind and time and most of all let her know and feel that you love her.

  3. leadjustone on said:

    I guess Mom’s heart is in the right place, but she was dead wrong for speaking to her child in that manner. Your daughter should never be called bitch and told “I’ll drag your ass!” Her language was abusive. I get that she was angry (justifiably so) with the 12 year old for disobeying her and for possibly endangering her younger siblings, but Mom was still wrong for providing a bad example of how to handle anger.

  4. Spare the rod, spoil the child!!!!
    That is exactly what is wrong with todays youth and why so many of them are out of control.

    I’m not saying that the parents have to beat the hell of the child, or leave marks, bruises.
    However, smack in the face, a whipping on the butt-never hurt anyone. It is a way for parents
    to make their kids understand the difference between right and wrong and when they do
    wrong-there are consequences!!!!!!!!

    • Bruises heal. Words are ingrained forever. No child should ever be treated like this young girl was treated by her own mother. If you’re too ignorant to know how to use your head instead of your hands when dealing with a child, you’re too ignorant to have one. There is nothing that can excuse this type of abuse. And abuse is exactly what it is.

  5. Sooo – yes, the 12 year old needed to get checked and to understand that what the mother says goes and you don’t put your younger siblings in harm’s way to get some girl for probably nothing – but the mother indeed went too far – She says she’s intelligent and had a 3.92 in college – what lessons did she teach the younger ones who witnessed this exchange and what lesson for the 12 year old to be called a bitch by your mother. What has happened – did the meaning of the word bitch change? I don’t care how mad I’ve been at my daughter’s – bitch is not the first word that would come to my mind.

  6. Virginia on said:

    Yes, the mother was wrong. How do you think this girl is going to treat Her children–this woman’s grandchildren? This cycle of violence and dehumanization of our children In the black community has got to stop. I know this is a remnant of how the “master” treated us on the plantation, but why are we passing this physical and verbal abuse on to our children? And don’t say, “my mother beat me and I’m OK”. Doesn’t matter. Too many people who have told me that are NOT OK. They have serious mental, emotional and self esteem problems. Why not stop it Now?

  7. S.D. on said:

    kates1221, I don’t think the mother filmed the incident – – others did and posted it. And if you read her Facebook post, she is working hard to raise her children so that they do become productive citizens in this society. The mother, in her anger and fear, yes fear (the girl had her younger siblings with her and anything could have happened to them in a moment during a fight) acted out of those emotions. None of us are perfect. A 12-year old needs to know boundaries.

    • Yeah. That’ll teach her boundaries all right. She could have taken her daughter home and dealt with this in the privacy of the house. She knew she was being filmed. She could have stopped the abuse any time. Instead, she just piled it on. I’ve raised four children. Never have I, in anger, fear or any other emotion treated my children with such hatred and disdain. Hell, I’ve never spoken to a grownup like that. Not a drug dealer, addict or a criminal among them. I don’t care what this woman says, there is never a reason to treat your child like that. As I said the only thing she’s accomplished is setting her daughter up for more bullying and abuse from her peers. Hell if you own mother treats you like the lowest form of life, why should anyone else feel the need to show respect? Outrageous.

  8. stephanie Jones on said:

    Yes the mother was justified, however, the calling of her child a bitch and threatening to stump her to the ground was unnecessary, the slap was enough, finish it at home. Sometimes when these kids start smelling themselves, you do have to put your foot up their ass. And folks it was not necessary to post your business on Facebook for the world to see. Remember this child is in middle school, you know how mean middle school can be, stop posting your business online

    • Virginia on said:

      So calling her names wasn’t OK, but slapping her around and promising more when they got home was OK? Lord Help Us!
      This was a show, plain and simple. Why didn’t the mother use some of that college education, 3.92 average, to TALK to her daughter. Surely part of that education was ENGLISH. Whatever college she went to, she should ask for her money back.

      • leadjustone on said:

        Virginia, both of your posts are spot on! Physical and verbal abuse are a legacy from slavery. We need to put both of these forms of “discipline” in the rearview mirror.

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