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You better take yo’ ass to school, child: OK, let me call them and see what’s the hold up then: NOPE: Guaranteed beat down: Another guaranteed beat down in our day: Who taught you that word “virgin” miss thang? Cause for a week’s grounding:

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Michelle Obama is among the legions of fans who have seen “Black Panther” during its opening weekend, and she is pleased. “Congrats to the entire #blackpanther team! Because of you, young people will finally see superheroes that look like them on the big screen,” the former FLOTUS tweeted Monday. “I loved this movie and I know […]

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Beauty Blogging is all the rage in the toddler community these days. Young kids who watch their parents record their beauty videos have taken their talents to the camera as well. 2-year-old Jayde Kamille is one of the most famous toddler bloggers who’s no stranger to going viral. But her recent hair tutorial will have […]

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They say that children are the future. And these adorable kids certainly make the future seem bright. In a video created by Eunique Jones Gibson, the creator of ‘Because of Them, We Can” whose photos of children dressed as civil rights icons went viral, a group of kids introduce Black History Month but as your […]

News reports: A 7-year-old Florida girl is being hailed as a hero after her fast-thinking skills saved her family when their home caught on fire Sunday. Tracy Durant said she remembered the fire safety tips she learned in school when her family’s Escambia County home caught on fire, according to ABC News. The fire broke out […]

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The country reacts to the racist hoodie.

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A White teacher from Texas is under fire after he shoved a young Black child in the face for not obeying.

Did you know that Jasmine Sanders was adopted at a young age? She opens up about the story of her adoption, the hardships black children face while waiting to be adopted, and the journey she went on to find out who her birth parents were. Watch the video above to hear Jasmine’s incredible story. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

Oleebo saw M.Night Shyamalan’s “The Visit” and he had a big bone to pick with the plot and the young children who were a part of it! Oleebo was appalled at the way the children behaved, and he thought black kids would have handled their situation a little more interestingly. Listen to the audio player […]

One of the milestone decisions of every parent is where they should live to raise their children. For Black families, this decision is paramount to ensure even the most basic of needs, like survival. No place is 100% safe or full of unrestricted opportunities, but according to a recent study, the Midwest may the worst […]

9-year-old Asean Jackson has had it up to here with Chicago politicians. He lets them know in an impassioned speech to protest school closures in Chicago. The Chicago public school district shut down 49 schools most in minority districts last year, forcing children to go to unfamiliar schools in different neighborhoods. Although the idea was […]