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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Three black teenagers say they feared for their lives when a Minneapolis Park Police officer pulled a gun on them while responding to a bogus 911 report that they were armed.

The July 10 incident at Minnehaha Park drew widespread attention after a bystander recorded part of it and posted a video to Facebook that’s been viewed over 2.8 million times.


The officers were responding to a female 911 caller who falsely reported that four teens were following her boyfriend and wielding knives and sticks. Park police released the four after finding they were unarmed and hearing witness accounts that contradicted the caller’s story. The department has since said the call was “misleading” and apologized to the boys.

At a news conference Monday called by the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, 14-year-old Aden Aden said he and his friends were just trying to have fun when a white kid confronted them. Witnesses have corroborated that account.

“When I was at the park, I was just trying to have a good day with my friends,” Aden said. “And this white kid came up to us saying racial slurs towards us, and when the cops came, they just pulled guns to our faces. And I felt like I was discriminated (against) and I felt like it was not supposed to happen, and I hope it never happens to anyone again.”

Fourteen-year-old Suhaib Ahmed said the officers frightened them. “I was scared he was going to shoot me.”

Police said in a news release last week that one of the officers “unholstered his firearm and pointed it in the general direction of the four suspects.”

Three of the boys attended the news conference. A fourth did not attend due to a family emergency.

The woman shooting the video says she saw a boy about 17 years old confront the younger boys and threaten them with a knife. She points out that one of the black teens is being bitten by mosquitoes and that the officer won’t allow him to put his shirt back on. Two of the boys can be seen in the video with their hands cuffed behind their backs as they are ushered into the back of a patrol car.

The families of the boys, who are Somali-American, are considering legal action, said Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Minnesota CAIR chapter, who called the 911 call a hate crime. He did not describe the nature of the proposed legal action.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, which announced it will form a civilian advisory review council amid the public outcry, said Monday that the incident remained under investigation and pointed out that making a false 911 call is a crime. A board spokeswoman did not immediately return a call Wednesday seeking an update on the investigation.

Park Police Chief Jason Ohotto said last week that his department hadn’t identified the caller or her boyfriend, and no arrests have been announced.


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18 thoughts on “Black Teens Terrified By Minneapolis Park Police With Guns

  1. Honestly on said:

    Cave n!@@ers lying on Nubians in this shithole country is a time honored tradition. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Educated people know that you never let others control your mind, your life, or your time. Your energy would be much better spent getting an education…just because you worship and fear white people; every black person doesn’t. We are a diverse group of people. The white man has made you believe that you are inferior and you’ve bought it hook, line and sinker. You are intimidated by black folks who don’t think that way because you can’t understand that. This type of obsession is why we as a people are at the bottom of everything…if we spent time insulating ourselves by strengthening our families, communities, educational attainments and monetary power, we wouldn’t be sitting ducks for others. I know that that’s too intelligent for you to grasp, however, it’s worth saying…

    • americanize on said:

      African American Coon OK lets unpack the BS you post.According to you I,m uneducated but you always waste ur time responding to my post,don,t know were you get that worship white folks sh*t from,and I fear know one,especially people in the dominate society.And most smart black people know were at the bottom b/c of white supremacy,if you belive anything else ur a fool.Which one are you,a negro coon or a white supremacist troll.I would bet the latter.

      • African American Woman on said:

        I respond because I find your mind of small mindedness hilarious! No, you’re at the bottom because you feel inferior and you feel like you can’t do any better…that’s a you thing… I don’t commiserate with perpetual “victims” so I don’t know any black people who’ve accepted that the white man has told them they are inferior like, unfortunately, you have. So, because you resigned yourself to doom and gloom; there are many other black folks who are over that old, moronic “I can’t do nothing because the white man won’t let me” diatribe. If all black people thought like you, we’d all be a group of pathetic losers. Your logical is illogical just by the principle that there are many black people who’ve succeeded in SPITE OF. You’re just another life long failure who uses the white supremacy excuse as a cover for your inability to succeed…unfortunately, there’s many of you out here and they’re all losers with little attainment. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt; no one can make you feel inferior without your permission…now I know you have a whole field of cotton to pick so go on, git now…

      • African American Woman on said:

        Good..because I told you multiple times to go finish picking your quota of cotton…you don’t want me to get massa on you…now, go on git now…

  3. tedgravely on said:

    Americanize – you’re not too far off. You don’t have a plantation mentality those that criticize you do. Those fools believe anything their masters say. They will defend their master with their life. Tamir Rice and other young black males would be alive today if not for racist cops. You don’t pull up on a scene, jump out of the car and shoot at a suspect. They could have pulled their vehicle short, got behind their door for a shield and ordered him to drop the weapon. Only our legendary coons, bots, and white supremacist continue to make excuses for how they police our communities and people. The cops are cowards. I don’t believe anything these liars say because they can’t admit that they pointed the weapons at the boys, just in the general direction. Liars. I’m this case you have white witnesses giving an entirely different account that coincides with the black boys. Handcuff the kids (even after you determine they don’t have weapons), sit them on the ground being eaten by mosquitoes, and picking them up by their arms in the handcuffs. Their parents should be seething. The caller and her racist boyfriend should be charged with a hate crime, but those officers should be disciplined for their poor handling of this after they realized that the caller lied. Keep your eyes open – the biggest snakes have the same skin tone.

  4. americanize on said:

    Black America we’re in a race war,we have to cut the bullsh*t an get on code,white folks are in code they are making bogus calls all across America an nothing happens to them.Black parents you shouldn’t let you’re young children go out alone in this climate they are easy targets.Especialey young black boys.We have to protect our children b/c we as a group are not protected under the law,any white person besides law enforcers can kill us and nothing will be done about it,practice ur 2nd amendments rights.Its serious.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Hmmmm…I’m not involved in any war, and besides folks I know that came back from Iraq and Afghanistan; no one else in a war either…there’s NO way in HELL that I’m giving another human being any control over my life like that…no human being deserves anything like that from me…I have two young, grown black sons and I have NEVER and will NEVER tell my sons that they MUST be afraid because they are black…not around cops and not in certain neighborhoods in Philly, where black men are killing each other like it’s going out of style. Successful black people never act or talk from positions of fear of others…that separates the losers from the winners…Successful people learn early to succeed in SPITE of…in short, every, in fact many black people are too busy to give their energy to folks that they feel don’t care about them or want to hurt them….SIGH

      • americanize on said:

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      • African American Woman on said:

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      • African American Woman on said:

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      • americanize on said:

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  5. African American Woman on said:

    This is terrible what happened to these boys, but the fault lies with the person who filed a false report. I hope she gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that’s who those parents should be suing…the cops only responded because of the egregious accusations made by the caller.

  6. I hope these young men’s parents SUE the HELL out of the Minneapolis PD!!!!!!!!
    There was no need for the PIGS to draw their weapons on these two INNOCENT young men.

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