Switching to a dairy-free lifestyle can be challenging at first, but Ayesha Curry has found a way to make it work for her and her family!

Is Ayesha Curry a hypocrite for showing off her body to social media after her 2015 comments?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A celebrity branding company on Wednesday sued Ayesha Curry, the food and lifestyle personality and wife of NBA star Steph Curry, seeking more than $10 million for breach of contract. Flutie Entertainment said in a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court that the five years it spent with Ayesha Curry […]

Ayesha Curry took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce the launch of her very own lifestyle magazine, “Sweet July.” “If you’re like me, you’re looking for any glimmer of light or joy in the world right now to help get you through these unforeseen strange times,” the celebrity chef captioned her teaser video. “Last fall, I […]

There’s definitely nothing wrong with having a little fun on vacation with your bae and recently Ayesha and Stephen Curry set off some steamy flicks on the gram as they enjoyed a Valentine’s Day getaway in Mexico. Ayesha’s posts were a bit more modest than her husband’s, but it still didn’t stop a critic from […]

Steph Curry is in need of support and he’s getting it from his wife Ayesha  after he was allegedly called him the N-word in China. We say allegedly because we can’t so 100 percent ’cause he’s speaking with a Chinese accent, but it damn sure sounds like he said it. We’re 99.9 percent sure. Curry is in […]

Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA superstar Steph Curry, hit up “The View” last week to promote her new ABC show “Family Food,” an eight-episode summer series debuting July 11 that features diverse, multi-generational teams competing for the title of “America’s No. 1 Food Family” and a $100,000 prize. “It’s just this big melting pot of diversity […]

Ayesha was asked if she sends “spicy” photos to husband Stephen Curry when he’s on the road and she said, “Hundreds! Hundreds of them!”

The white male Toronto Raptors fan that made sexual comments about Ayesha Curry claims to be receiving death threats since issuing a public apology. Following Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Toronto’s CP24 News dished with several Raptors fans outside the arena in an area known as “Jurassic Park,” Complex reports. But one fan decided to disrespect Steph Curry’s wife on […]

Sometimes DL can make people really mad because of things that he says. One DL Hughley Show listner was so upset by what he said about Ayesha Curry that they had to share their feelings! The Lister wrote, “Ayesha Curry is gorgeous,” and also gave her props for her entrepreneurial skills. DL should  keep his […]

Ayesha Curry has been an open book as of late, using her platform as a discussion board to inform or engage with other women. After breaking the Internet when she disclosed her insecurities around not being desired by mean outside her marriage, the basketball wife revealed she had a botched boob job. After having her […]

When Ayesha Curry said that she has developed an insecurity about the lack of male attention she receives, she got a significant amount of backlash. One person who is not upset with her, but actually understands her feelings is Marlon Wayans. He believes that people should be more compassionate, especially men. Because, she’s married to […]