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Steph Curry is in need of support and he’s getting it from his wife Ayesha  after he was allegedly called him the N-word in China.

We say allegedly because we can’t so 100 percent ’cause he’s speaking with a Chinese accent, but it damn sure sounds like he said it. We’re 99.9 percent sure.

Curry is in China for Under Armor, one of his sponsors.  Dude was was signing autographs for fans after attending an event, when a man appeared to call him the N-word not once, but TWICE.

Check out the video. Steph is either being real cool about it (seeming to ignore it) or he somehow didn’t hear it.

Anyway, not too long afterwards, Ayesha posted words of encouragement for her man.

“This is the face of resilience, drive, faith, hard work, compassion, fear of God but fearless of the world,” she wrote. “Such a random post (but completely necessary). When I saw this photo I saw our whole life those handsome eyes. Fighting the elements, sick and exhausted but still shows up with the best attitude. Ready to work and ready to make an impact. Your son, daughters and I are just so proud of you my baby. You’re the hardest working man I know. You never complain and I can’t wrap my mind around it. You’re our favorite and we love you! T minus 4 days … I have this rooftop God gave me so I’m shouting from it.”

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