Arsenio Hall’s LA home has been hit by two break-ins, and now the former talk show host is concerned he’s being targeted. 

Following a legendary run between 1989 and 1994, then a short revival in 2013 that lasted a year, 'The Arsenio Hall Show' will see yet another reincarnation for a limited run during the upcoming 'Netflix Is a Joke Festival.'

Here are some actors and comedians that have dressed up as women for a role.

Arsenio Hall gives Tom huge props and tells him that he “brought the world together,” and “changed the game.” Hall truly believes that “God meant for [Tom] to be the strongest man to ever speak to America,” after all he is the son of Hercules Joyner. And that’s not all, Hall has a special guest for Tom… […]

We had a very eventful weekend, the NBA has two game sevens and both were great! And we got to celebrate our moms! Lucky for Arsenio Hall his mom loves sports, so they watched both of the games together. The Raptors ended the Philadelphia 76ers season when they beat them by two points. Hall advises […]

For a while now, there has been talk that there was a Coming to America sequel in the works.

You already know when Arsenio Hall calls into the Tom Joyner Morning Show, we’re going to get his two cents on the day’s hottest headlines. We’re coming off the heels of what seems like one of the worst Black History Months in history. It seemed like every other day there was a racially charged or […]

Arsenio Hall feels comedy has gotten so serious now and there is no freedom to say what you want. People actually get offended by Trump jokes and Nancy Pelosi jokes. He has seen clubs where people get angry and run at the stage and throw things! As far a the Super Bowl, he’s not watching. […]

Arsenio Hall tells the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew that this week has been crazy! Crazier than the week he and Sherri got married an annulled in an hour. While he was in what he calls one of the whitest states, which is Indiana, he heard about the California wildfires.  He was there visiting his […]

Kanye West has been making headlines lately, and he has now decided to change his name! He’s ‘Ye’ now. “His mama named him Kanye, I’m gonna call him Kanye,” Arsenio Hall said. After all of his antics Hall is “taking a knee” when it comes to his music too. He wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye’s […]

Comedian Arsenio Hall is headed to Alabama! Alabama is home for his parents, both his mother and father were raised there and it’s were they met. While he’s there he’ll be visiting his “9 cousins.” He’ll also be performing at the Stardome Comedy Club, where he’ll claim to be Ricky Smiley’s cousin. When asked what […]

The hilarious Arsenio Hall and Aretha Franklin went way back, “Aretha took me on tour with her when people thought Arsenio Hall was the place Aretha was singing in,” he said. Like many of us, he wasn’t a fan of the tribute that Madonna gave, and to make it worse, this is her second terrible tribute. “When Madonna […]