From the sassy style of Maxine Waters to The Obamas' dual flex, check out 8 Black politicians that know their way around a clothing closet.

Black activist Rev. Al Sharpton has stepped up to give his opinion on the Supreme Court's shocking ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Although Andrew Cuomo's former role as New York Governor is temporarily being replaced by Lieutenant Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, it appears that longtime civil rights activist Al Sharpton is being eyed as one of the main men for the job.

According to Revered Al Sharpton Donald Trump isn’t having a good morning. Yesterday Ambassador William Taylor testified against Trump in the impeachment investigation and Sharpton cals his opening statements, “devastating.” Taylor basically confirmed that the Military aid the US congress intended to sent to the Ukraine was held up and said not to be released […]


Alicia Garza, Al Sharpton and more are speaking out against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

It’s only Wednesday and already three significant things have happened this week in the movement toward criminal reform. Fist, Daniel Pantaleo, the cop who placed Eric Garner in an illegal choke hold killing him, was finally fired. Reverend Al Sharpton says though, we wanted criminal charges, this is a form of justice. He points out […]


Over the weekend, President Donald Trump has moved on in his series of racist, targeted attacks from “the squad” to two prominent Black male leaders. On Saturday Trump tweeted a scathing rebuke of Baltimore and Rep. Elijah Cummings, who has served as the city’s representative in congress for over 20 years. Cummings is also one […]

Tonight is the first night of two nights of Democratic Debates and Reverend Al Sharpton says he will be watching to see who “can say something that means something to us.” He’s interested to see what the candidates have to say and says we all need to watch and see “who we think can beat this man […]

The Mueller report was released to the public last week and now that we’ve seen just about everything, the question is whether or not Democrats should be pushing for impeachment. There were 10 incidents of obstruction against Trump explained in the redacted version and of course that’s not a good thing. Reverend Al. Sharpton says impeachment needs […]

Robert Mueller spent months digging into exactly what happened during the 2016 Presidential election and his 400 page report will finally be released to the public tomorrow. Reverend Al Sharpton wishes everyone a “Happy Mueller Report Eve.” Sharpton calls its release date “strategic” and finds it interesting that they’re waiting until the Easter Holiday to […]

Reverend Al Sharpton is showing Tom Joyner some major love this weekend by honoring him at the National Action Network’s gala. But before that, he has some kind words to share. He explains that the Tom Joyner Morning Show gave Black people a space “where we could be heard unfiltered.” Sharpton thanks Joyner for giving […]