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It’s only Wednesday and already three significant things have happened this week in the movement toward criminal reform. Fist, Daniel Pantaleo, the cop who placed Eric Garner in an illegal choke hold killing him, was finally fired. Reverend Al Sharpton says though, we wanted criminal charges, this is a form of justice. He points out that, “for the first time in decades we did get an officer fired.”

In California the Governor signed the Stephon Clark law. Clark is the young man killed in grandma’s backyard because cops thought cellphone was a gun. The law states that officers can not use lethal force unless there are no other options; and they must prove that they had no options.

Down in Florida, the McGlocton case is in motion. Markeis McGlockton was killed in parking lot over a handicap parking space. The man who shot him is going for the “stand your ground defense.” The Jury has been selected and Sharpton says he will be following this case closely.

According to Shaprton, the progress of these three cases shows that “we are even in the age of Trump, making some progress.”