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WATCH: What You Need To Know — September 7, 2021: Black Unemployment Spikes — Harlem Hellfighters Honored — Congress Must Act  

1. Happy Labor Day to Black Giants of the Labor Movement What You Need To Know: Today is Labor Day. It’s more than a day to say goodbye to summer with one last barbeque, prepare for this next semester of school, or if one is lucky, begin a change of wardrobe. 2. States Following Texas’ […]

1. House Passes John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act What You Need To Know: Amidst the crises of Afghanistan and the issues surrounding the coronavirus, social activists are reminding President Biden that he must multi-task. 2. North Carolina Grants Voting Rights to 56,000 Felony Offenders What You Need To Know: In Raleigh, North Carolina, with […]

1. Historic Increase as Food Stamp Benefits Jump 25 Percent What You Need To Know: The Biden administration announced a historic expansion to the nation’s food stamp program that will begin in October. Predictions indicate this decision will give more than 40 million Americans about 30% more to spend on groceries. 2. Democratic House Majority […]

1. Biden Presses Congress to Let Medicare Negotiate Drug Prices What You Need To Know: Statistics indicate that on average, Americans pay two to three times as much as people in other countries for prescription drugs and one in four  Americans struggle to afford their medications. 2. 2020 Census Sparks Redistricting, Reveals Historic Drop in […]