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 Paul Walker (1973-2013 Fast and Furious star)

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Sybil Wilkes Top 5 Stories for ‘What You Need To Know:’ September 12, 2023


1. UAW Takes the Wheel in Contract Negotiations

United Auto Workers Members March In Detroit Labor Day Parade Source:Getty

UAW Takes the Wheel in Contract Negotiations


What You Need to Know:


A strike deadline is on the horizon, as the contract involving almost 150,000 autoworkers is coming to a close Thursday, September 14, at 11:59 PM. Autoworkers could walk away from their jobs if their union, the United Auto Workers (UAW), does not reach an agreement with the “Big 3” automakers.


Reports indicate that intertwined with the heated and intense rhetoric, there are signs of incremental progress. Each of the Big 3 Detroit auto companies, General Motors, Ford and Stellantis, have each submitted proposals. Each of the proposals, which include pay increases of about 10%, have been rejected by the UAW membership and union President Shaun Fain.

2. Tim Scott is As Single As His Approval Numbers

Senate Health Care Meeting Source:Getty

Tim Scott is As Single As His Approval Numbers WRITTEN AND CONTRIBUTED BY KHAMERON RILEY What You Need to Know: Tim Scott has come under fire recently for being unmarried. Much of these concerns, according to the Republican presidential hopeful, are being fueled by his rivals. Polls indicate that Senator Tim Scott is as single as his approval ratings. The only Black Republican Senator is the winner of the losers bracket, trailing behind Nikki Haley but just ahead of, well… everyone else in this very crowded contest. Three out of five GOP voters still favor Donald Trump as the nominee. While Scott did not specify which of his opponents is responsible for advancing the narrative, he may have been referring to a piece penned this week by Boston Globe columnist Renée Graham, titled, Tim Scott Has a Woman Problem. The column argued that Scott’s bachelorhood is particularly damaging for a prospective Republican president, given the resilient homophobia on the right.

3.  The Missed Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Heart

Heart attack, pain and man holding chest in a office with medical, healthcare and emergency. Stress, business and male professional with anxiety and cardiovascular injury from corporate burnout Source:Getty

 The Missed Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Heart


What You Need to Know:


Did you know about the multiple missed warning signs of an unhealthy heart? Most of us only know to look out for the tightness of the chest and numbness in the left arm. Oh, and that a tiny pill by the name of Aspirin could save us. Nope, it is so much more complicated than that. Surprisingly, heart attacks aren’t as “dramatic” as many think. In addition, there are subtle signs that we all need to take more seriously.


Sadly, many people will mistake a heart attack for an anxiety attack, indigestion, or something that they believe is unrelated. Dr. Bernadette Anderson explained that many heart attack survivors noted that “there were no warning signs.” Furthermore, if there were any symptoms, they were minor and overlooked. And unfortunately, it is the same for heart disease because most of the time, people think Tums will handle the issue when they genuinely need a doctor. (READ MORE)

4. Longest Standing Wrongful Conviction Overturned By DNA Evidence

Crime scene paper bag for investigation clues Source:Getty

Longest Standing Wrongful Conviction Overturned By DNA Evidence




What You Need to Know:


Forty-seven years after being found guilty of rape in 1976, a Black man was officially exonerated due to new DNA evidence. This is the longest-standing wrongful conviction to be overturned in U.S. history. “I never lost hope that one day that I would be proven innocent,” said Leonard Mack, now 72 years old.


In 2020, Mack sought the assistance of The Innocence Project. After submitting his DNA to a database, a man convicted for a Queens rape in 2004 was a match to the 1975 Greenburgh rape and confessed. Due to the statute of limitations, the man couldn’t be prosecuted and was charged with failure to register as a sex offender.

Mack plans on working in prison ministry.

5. Climate Risk Guarantees Home Insurance Policies Will Keep Getting More Expensive

5. Climate Risk Guarantees Home Insurance Policies Will Keep Getting More Expensive

Ecological concept plot with wooden miniature house on nature background under sunlight Source:Getty

Climate Risk Guarantees Home Insurance Policies Will Keep Getting More Expensive




What You Need to Know:


The increasing frequency of weather catastrophes, partially fueled by climate change, is looming over homeowners and prospective buyers. Some home insurers are taking drastic measures, including ceasing to underwrite new business in heavily affected states. In other regions, insurers are either raising premiums or reducing coverage. As climate change-related weather events continue to proliferate, experts anticipate a ripple effect across the country, with insurers becoming more cautious about risk, and reinsurance becoming scarcer.

Global insured losses from natural disasters exceeded $130 billion last year, with Hurricane Ian ranking as the second-costliest event in history, responsible for around $50 billion to $55 billion in global insured losses due to storm surges, damaging winds, and flooding in Florida and Cuba, according to Aon.