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1. Register and Verify What You Need To Know: The primary campaign season continues. Today is Primary Election Day in the state of Massachusetts. 2. Farewell To Black America’s Coach What You Need To Know: Hall of Fame coach John Thompson Jr. passed away at the age of 78. 3. Coronavirus Update: Amid Public Distrust, […]

1. Prepare to Vote Like Your Life Depends on it. Registration Deadlines 2. Republican National Convention 3. Coronavirus Update: CDC’s Reversal on Testing Guidelines Raises Concern 4. White BLM Protesters Harass White Diners For Not Raising Fists in Support 5. What You Need To Know About Investing In Blue-Chip Black Art SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter, […]

1. A Night of Untruths And Reinventions: Republicans Paint Dark Picture Of Future If Trump Loses 2. Unrest Erupts After Wisconsin Police Shoot Black Man in the Back Multiple Times 3. Coronavirus Update: Schools Nationwide Face Shortages of Laptops for Distance Learning Due to Trump Sanctions 4. Less Drama, More Mama: Trump Aide Kellyanne Conway […]

1. Republican National Convention Kicks Off Tonight with More Trump Controversies What You Need To Know: Hundreds of Republican delegates are headed to Charlotte, NC, for a scaled-down and physically distant convention beginning tonight. 2. Nancy Pelosi Spearheads House Passage of Postal Bill, But Will Senate Follow Suit? Not Likely What You Need To Know: […]

1. Democratic National Convention 2. Postal Service Halts Some Operational Changes After Outcry 3. Coronavirus Update: Parents May Qualify for Unemployment or Paid Leave If Schools Close This Fall 4. Class, Decency and Common Civility Live Through Presumptive Presidential and Vice-Presidential Nominees, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris 5. Fashion Faux Pas, As FTC Fines Fashion […]

1. Democrats Prepare for Most Inclusive, Physically Distant Convention What You Need To Know: Tonight begins what is or could be four nights of the most inclusive, but physically distant, national political convention, a “Convention Across America.” 2. House Democrats Summon Postal Leaders To Hearing On Mail Delays What You Need To Know: As the […]

1. Biden Raises $26M In 24 hours After Harris VP Announcement What You Need To Know: During the first 24 hours following Joe Biden’s announcement of Kamala Harris as his running mate, the Democratic Party raised more than $1 million an hour, totaling $26 million.  2. Say Her Name, Breonna Taylor What You Need To […]

1. Historic Political Moment What You Need To Know: The first in-person appearance between presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, took place Wednesday afternoon in a high school gym near the Biden home in Wilmington, Delaware. 2. Virginia Man, Said to Be a Klan Leader, Gets 6 Years […]

1. Joe Biden Makes Historic Pick: Senator Kamala Harris What You Need To Know: History was made Tuesday afternoon as presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden named Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, making her the first Black woman and Asian American on a major political ticket. 2. To Capitol Hill Leaders: Get Back […]

Black women are phenomenal but are often not respected for everything they do. D.L. Hughley takes a moment to honor Black women in this viral video. Check it out above! Don’t Miss Out! Follow The D.L. Hughley Show on Twitter and Instagram & Keep Up On Facebook Too! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE DL HUGHLEY SHOW LIVE FROM 3-7PM ET […]

1. Brothers to Biden: You Will Lose If You Don’t Select a Black Woman What You Need To Know: Alerts have been set for every communications device owned by news and political types as they await the Big Announcement from Joe Biden. 2. Violent Weekend Across The U.S. With Shooting, Looting In Cities And A […]

1. Stimulus Executive Orders: Big Talk, Little Action What You Need To Know: As negotiations between House and Senate Democrats and Republicans limped toward no agreement, Donald Trump’s talk of signing executive orders grew louder. 2. Oprah Puts Her Money Where Breonna’s Murderers Live What You Need To Know: For the first time in the […]