1. Jared Kushner Dismisses Black Inequality as ‘Complaining’ While African American Voters Flock to the Polls in Record Numbers

What You Need To Know:

White House adviser Jared Kushner and the Trump administration are facing backlash from many in the African American community after his description of Black America’s issues with inequality and racism as “complaining.”

2. Philadelphia Police Shooting

What You Need To Know:

An investigation is underway following the police killing of a Black man on the street of a West Philadelphia neighborhood Monday and protests that night.

3. Coronavirus Update: Covid-19 Deaths Climb Again as Cases Increase Nationwide


What You Need To Know:

As coronavirus cases have hit record highs in the last few days, deaths are also on the rise again.

4. Alabama Voters Seek to Change Racist Language in State’s Constitution

What You Need To Know:

Racism is on the ballot in Alabama this election season. For the third time since 2000, voters in the state have the chance to remove racist language from the state’s 119-year-old constitution.

5. Save Your Coins: Dollar General Is Moving To The Suburbs

What You Need To Know:

Discount retailer Dollar General (DG -0.52%) has strong ambitions to win over more high-end consumers by opening new “Popshelf” stores aimed at suburban shoppers.

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