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Gabrielle Union appears to have responded to the chatter surrounding hubby Dwyane Wade’s 12-year-old son’s transition into a girl.

Wade appeared on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” last week to promote his upcoming ESPN documentary, “D. Wade: Life Unexpected,” which will highlight his support of his LGBTQ child Zaya (born Zion Wade).

“Zaya, originally born Zion as a boy, came home and said, ‘Hey, so I want to talk to you guys. I think going forward I’m ready to live my truth, and I want to be referenced as ‘she’ and ‘her.’ I would love for you guys to call me Zaya,’” Wade told Ellen on the show. “So internally, now it’s our job to go out and get information, to reach out to every relationship that we have.”

Union recently shared a video of Zaya speaking about her gender identity.

“Meet Zaya,” Gabby wrote in the caption. “She’s compassionate, loving, whip smart and we are so proud of her. It’s Ok to listen to, love & respect your children exactly as they are. Love and light good people.”

On “Good Morning America,” Wade revealed that his child has been aware since age 3 that he was born in the wrong body.

“Zaya started doing more research. She was the one that sat down with us as a family and said, ‘Hey I don’t think I’m gay.’ And she went down the list and said this is how I identify myself — I identify myself as a young lady,” D. Wade told Robin Roberts. I think I’m a straight trans, because I like boys,’” he explained. “It was a process for us to sit down with our daughter and find out who she is and what she likes and not put something on her — we decided to listen to her and she’s leading us on this journey.”

Little Zaya’s coming out party prompted rapper Boosie Badazz to plead with D. Wade not to castrate his son.

“I gotta say something about this here, bruh. Dwyane Wade you’ve gone too f*cking far,” he said in an Instagram video. “That is a male, a 12-year-old. At 12 they don’t even know what they next meal gone be. They don’t have sh*t figured out yet. He might meet a woman at 16 and fall in love with her, but his d*ck be gone. Don’t cut his d*ck off bruh. If gone be gay let him be gay, but don’t cut his d*ck off, bruh. Don’t address him as a woman, dawg. He’s 12-years-old.”


According to The YBF, on Wednesday, rapper Young Thug tweeted then deleted: “All I wanna say to dwade son is ‘GOD DONT MAKE MISTAKES’ but hey live your true self.”

He followed up with another tweet saying, “You’re gods best Creation.”

Comedian Lil Duval also weighed in:

Union appeared to respond to the chatter with a video on Instagram.

“Listen, I’m built for this. I see it all and I keep high steppin for ALL of us. My dreams, my fight, my spirit, my work is for us all. You can fight me, you can trash me, you can stand in my way… I will keep moving forward & still cover you in love and light,” she captioned a clip of herself getting her makeup done — see below.

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