Young Thug ain’t really feeling Lil Nas X’s decision to publicly reveal his sexual orientation during Pride Month.

In an interview with, Thugger — known for wearing women’s clothing — explains why he’s concerned about the backlash the budding rap star will face going forward.

Speaking with podcaster Adam22 for No Jumper backstage during London’s Wireless Festival, Young Thug noted that folks are not as open-minded as they might claim and will unfairly judge Lil Nas before listening to his music.

“He shouldn’t have told the world. It’s like these days…it’s just all judgment. It ain’t even about the music no more,” the rapper said. “Once [people] found out he was gay, soon as the song come on now, everybody like this gay a** nigga. People don’t even care to listen to the song no more.”

Watch Young Thug express his feelings about the matter via the YouTube clip above.

Throughout the interview, Thug praises hip-hop’s newly crowned King of the Billboard charts, calling his decision to come out during Pride Month a “G’s move.”

“I just feel like he young, and backlash can come behind anything. He young, so I know what he going to be dealing with it in his mind. I know what he dealing with. So I was like, ‘F**k, he should have never said that [and] never should have told them.’”

Meanwhile, Lil Nas X says he’s already being hit hard with backlash over his sexuality.

The “Old Town Road” rapper dished about the negative reactions in an interview with the BBC.

“Oh, I’m already getting it,” he said of backlash. But he’s not taking the hate to heart. Instead, he’s making light of the homophobic messages he’s receiving on social media, USA Today reports.

“Just got news that i’m gay and i will no longer be streaming my music. i’m sorry that (expletive) is just not ok,” he sarcastically tweeted Tuesday.

“I used to be that person being negative,” he told the BBC. “I’m not angry or anything (about it), because I understand how they just want that reaction.”

Lil Nas admits he was hesitant to come out but said he was “opening doors for more people” with his decision.

“I don’t want to just live my entire life, especially how I got to where I’m at, just not doing what I want to do.”

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