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Kim Burrell was recently speaking at a church and while there shared her feelings about Fantasia possibly being in a movie about Aretha Franklin. She also spoke about Le’Andria Johnson and how she prefers her over Fantasia.

The gospel singer said about Johnson, who is currently in rehab,  “Girl, you got this. You are anointed, you are a chosen of the Lord. The hand of the Lord is upon your life and you’re such a warrior. I was watching her sing tonight and I was just shaking my head. If they’re going to make a movie about Aretha [Franklin], if they know a real singer they’ll call you. If they want to do Aretha any kind of justice. Now I like Fantasia, but she ain’t no Le’Andria.”

As Burrell spoke the audience chimed in and shared their opinion as well.

Burrell followed up by saying, “Why y’all don’t like to tell the truth? Ain’t no way in the world.”

Fantasia has yet to comment on how she feels about what Burrell said and instead on social media shared that she’s working on a new album and producing some videos for it.

Although Fantasia has performed at Franklin’s funeral and did a tribute for her at the Grammy Awards she isn’t tied to the Aretha Franklin biopic. According to Deadline, Oscar winner and singer, Jennifer Hudson will play the role of Franklin.

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres the singer even spoke about how excited she is to play the icon.

See what Kim Burrell said at the church below.

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Kim Burrell Goes Viral For Sharing Her Preference For Le’Andria Johnson Over Fantasia [VIDEO] was originally published on getuperica.com

27 thoughts on “Kim Burrell Goes Viral For Sharing Her Preference For Le’Andria Johnson Over Fantasia [VIDEO]

  1. LaMerele Bailey on said:

    How in the hell can Ms Burrell make a statement like that !!! Y’all better stop listening to not just these fake ass pastors but also these fake ass ppl who pretend!!!

  2. This is problematic for me, it smells like jealousy. Surely, this WOG knows it is so unnecessary to throw shade. But if we’re going to speak the truth, then here it is I’d much rather hear ANYONE over Kim Burrell. She is really feeling herself, and she shouldn’t.

  3. OLIVE WINGATE on said:

    Just ‘feel good’ talk. Fantasia, who is also “anointed” and “chosen of the Lord” hopefully will also have the discernment to not even respond to such an egregious discord sowing statement. We have to realize ‘pastors’ are people/human too with all it’s frailty. Personally, I don’t think the role would be worth Fantasia’s time. Much love, success and much prayer for both of the young ladies.

  4. Keelee on said:

    Thank you to the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I love u LeAndria I so admire u for ur strength and tenacity, When u walked into Sunday’s best broken, yet refusing to give up, girl that experience that I witnessed was so profound and made a huge positive Impact on my life. Stay TRUE to you, that’s why the Creator used u in the first place. Continue to love who u are YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE…period dot dot. NO ONE can walk a mile in ur shoes, Ur a tough act to follow lovely lady. Who cares what anyone else say, they don’t have a heaven nor a hell to send u to.and I absolutely adore u. And my name is Keelee Chafford-Wade I stand firm on what I believe In… the TRUTH.

  5. Sharon Foster Walker on said:

    Why even make a comment like this? Totally, unnecessary….Not Christan-like at all. Your lifestyle as a child of God speaks volume, It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth.

  6. Ann Jackson on said:

    Does not think before she speaks!!! Sometimes I do the same thing, but at least I not standing in front of an audience. Watching her on Sunday’s Best did it for me!!

  7. Regina Thompson on said:


  8. I love both women for different reasons and it doesn’t shade either one. They BOTH are anointed and no one has the say on that but GOD! I pray these to women excel in their greatness abd do not feed into what the tongue wickedly spoke, don’t comment on when people speak evil against them. These kind out words can put strife against the ladies and that is on “your” hands. Instead of bring the two ladies together dojng a fabulous tribute, you would rather cause division. My God Help The One’s Who Speak To The Nations!

  9. Anonymous on said:

    You know its not just what you say but how you say it. There is a reason why people go through and some don’t even realize that same person giving them praise are one of the real reasons why they are messed up. I remember Kim telling leandria its all about you in sunday best and she has been trying to let people know that. Look how that turned out. Just be careful what you say. I remember the insident when kim first came out and why she had a thought for 10 years and finally came back on the scene after a certain pastor past away that told people not to buy her music.

  10. Myeshia on said:

    Smh! Kim Burrell PLEASE learn how to be quiet sometimes! You could have definitely kept that to yourself…their both AMAZING singers and for you to say that,you just placed a wall between you and Fantasia! Kimmy your mouth smh

  11. Jenkins on said:

    Thanks tone I will be a cow. As you notice I started the word tone off with a small t for a reason. No matter whats said or who saids it. The people of God need together and do what’s right in the eyesight of God. Good night tone.

  12. Jenkins on said:

    Although the woman of God should have kept her comment to herself. This will cause confusion between the 2 ladies. And the Bible raids God is not the Arthur of confusion.

  13. Is it really that serious? Come on people of God. I say that with sarcasm. Fantasia and Leandria have their own unique gift. True we all have our opinion and preferences but how about saving some souls. Singing won’t get you into the kingdom

  14. Hope S Rhymes on said:

    I love Fantasia just as much as I love LeAndria and Fantasia been thru stuff too but wasn’t put out in the open bc she’s not out doing gospel they both are anointed and Burrell is entitled to her opinion

  15. Deborah Dennard on said:

    If she liked Le’Andria, why did she have to shade Fantasia? Aretha love Fantasia as well, which is obvious because of the many tributes Tasia has done for her. Additionally, these aren’t the only two choices. Don’t sleep on Jennifer Hudson who can also hold her own, and she looks more like her than the other two.

  16. Such a kind, good heart, loving person. People really, stop going to see these fake ass pastors. You treat them like God, they start to think they are above God. Keep your money in your pocket.

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