Inside Her Story: The Oscars Were Great, Now Let’s Keep It Up


The Oscars were Sunday and while there were a number of Black people nominated there is still work to be done. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with April Reigin who created the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag.

Reigin believes that her hashtag is still very relevant because the issue is not Black and white. She would like to see all “underrepresented” groups represented, meaning Asian-Americans, the LGBT community and others.

The Academy “committed to doubling the number of people of color and women” in membership ranks by 2020 and Reigin thinks that’s great! Even their film critics need to be diverse because a white man and Black woman could see the exact same movie and have completely different experiences. And, that’s “not racism that’s just what you bring to the table.”

The more diverse the Academy gets, or any organization, “the better quality output they’re going to have.”


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One thought on “Inside Her Story: The Oscars Were Great, Now Let’s Keep It Up

  1. Michael Middleton on said:

    I personally have mixed feelings about this Oscar hype. It appears that we as Black people keep pounding on their doors when we should be building and maintaining our own. Why do we fight so stringently to seek their approval for our talents with nearly everything in this society? I believe that we’re turning over our souls and dignity for the sake of grabbing deceptive money and fame. In essence, what are we actually gaining? IMHO

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