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It appears Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are ready to move forward after the two rappers engaged in a public war of words… again.

Things popped off after Minaj used part of the latest episode of her Beats 1 “Queen Radio” show to deny a claim from Cardi’s sister that she had leaked the rapper’s phone number.

“You can’t control your sister, but you want me to control millions of fans,” Minaj said. “I’ve never leaked a number in my life and y’all continue to lie on me to make me look like a bad person.”

Fans have been keeping tabs on the women ever since the now infamous melee during New York Fashion Week’s annual Harper’s Bazaar Icons party.

On Monday, Minaj said it was her friend Rah Ali who had gotten into the altercation with Cardi, which resulted in her sporting a knot on her forehead.

“You went home and told people security hit you, and we let that ride for legal reasons,” Minaj said. “Anybody that wanna pull up the surveillance footage, I will give you $100,000.”

Cardi fired back at the claim via a series of expletive-filled videos on her official Instagram account.

“You lie so much you can’t keep up with your f**ing lies,” Cardi said. “First you say you’ve got the footage, but then you say you wanna pay somebody $100,000 if they give you the footage? Make sense when you’re talking.”

“I’ll pay you to take a lie detector test about every claim I made on #QueenRadio. You won’t,” Minaj, 35, tweeted Monday night. “I must admit you’re a convincing liar.”

Then Maury Povich jumped in the drama and replied, “Why pay for a Lie Detector Test @NICKIMINAJ… when mine is FREE! I’ll get to the bottom of this!”

Minaj was receptive, replying, “Maury I’m ready!!!!”

After much back and forth about who was the first to turn down specific deals and tracks and payola accusations, Nicki and Cardi B called a ceasefire on their seemingly endless beef but some might say the “Chun Li” rapper only threw in the towel because she was embarrassed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In case you missed it, Ellen mocked Nicki and Cardi during a segment of her daytime talk show on Monday. The host invited several children onstage to show off their Halloween costumes. One little girl said she was dressed up as Nicki, but her costume wasn’t complete until Ellen attached a stiletto shoe to the side of girl’s head.

“Now this is, uh, the shoe that Cardi B threw at you,” said Ellen, and the audience erupted in laughter.


Cardi B fans think Nicki watched the clip and felt humiliated so she took her ‘L’ and decided to call a truce.

She also hit up Twitter and wrote: “Ok you guys, let’s focus on positive things only from here on out. We’re all so blessed. I know this stuff is entertaining & funny to a lot of people but I won’t be discussing this nonsense anymore. Thank you for the support & encouragement year after year. Love you.”

Cardi clearly agreed and responded: “Alright then! Let’s keep it positive and keep it pushing!”

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