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Rev. Kim Burrell was all set to speak at a state legislative minority caucus church service in Albany, NY on Sunday, until organizers began getting calls about engaging with a preacher who has denounced homosexuality as “perverted.”

According to the New York Daily News, the gospel singer’s appearance at the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislative Caucus weekend was abruptly canceled Thursday after the media outlet began seeking comment about her involvement.

In a statement, the group’s executive director, M. Diana Campbell, claimed to have been unaware of Burrell’s history.

“Once her previous statements came to our attention, we decided to go in a different direction and the engagement was cancelled,” Campbell said.

As previously reported, Burrell made headlines in 2017 after her sermon on homosexuality went viral.

“That perverted homosexual spirit is the spirit of delusion and confusion and has deceived many men and women,” she said from the pulpit. “And it has caused a stain on the body of Christ. …Anybody in this room who’s filled with the homosexual spirit, beg God to free you. You play with it in 2017, you’ll die from it.”

City Councilman Ritchie Torres (D-Bronx), who is gay and planning to attend the caucus weekend, hadn’t heard of Burrell but was critical of conference leaders for scheduling her to speak.

“Assigning a homophobe a prominent speaking role legitimizes bigotry and I find that unacceptable,” Torres said before Burrell’s appearance was canceled.

Told of the cancellation, he said Burrell should never have been invited in the first place.

“It shows we have a distance to travel before achieving full LGBT equality,” Torres said. “It should have been clear from the beginning that she was self-evidently ill-equipped to speak given her history of homophobia.”

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12 thoughts on “Kim Burrell Uninvited From Church Event Due To Comments On Homosexuality

  1. Robert Gillum on said:

    Kim was trying to tear down. If someone had said something to you or your mother they thought was the truth you wouldn’t be saying that. You are liars and the truth isn’t in any of you who agree with Kim. People seem to agree with people who agree with them.

  2. Robert Gillum on said:

    People who aren’t perfect and really don’t understand the Bible should shut and get therapy. You nor Kim would know the truth if it slapped you in face. Take The Beam out of your own eye before attempting to remove the note out of your brothers eye. Did you read this Fools. What does that mean non-critical thinking idiots.

  3. Dawn Carey on said:

    I have one statement. . . Until we ALL put a mirror in our OWN faces, non of us have room to condemn with such hurtful, unloving, un-Christlike, hateful rhetoric. What if Kim were told she looked grotesque with that enormous fat hanging on her stomach that comes from sin – GLUTTONY! We all have a thorn and only a relationship with Christ can pluck it out – not MAN! Let’s stop singling out one sin and understand that when Christ looks down on – it’s alllll sin to Him.

  4. What she said is true and those people are sick and should be band, unless they get the help they need. However, she is no better off spiritually than they are; women cannot have authority over men or be preachers.

    • You’re probably one of the 53% of weak, insecure self-hating white women who dissed one of their own to vote for an outspoken sexual predator like Trump (choosing race over gender). If you look like me however that’s even worse but at least you and that preacher dispel the myth that minorities and other marginalized groups can’t be bigots themselves.

  5. Tim Green on said:

    What kinda BACKWARDS ASS BULLSHIT IS THIS … So now the church is scared to call out homosexuality as being wrong!?!?!? … wow … Once she nor anyone else isnt advocating hurting anyone there shouldnt be anything wrong with stating that YOU DONT AGREE WITH HOMOSEXUALITY & THINK ITS WRONG … especially a church

    • Jesus is Real on said:

      I agree with you Tim Green. It’s that’s Mrs Burrell was trying to hurt person she was expressing the truth but no one wants to here the truth. Question? If homosexuality is right? What does every going through it , trying to figure out why they have these feelings feel guilty? For those that were molested and these that were not? Why ? Guilt is your spirit and your fighting it and you want no one address the hurt and pain. Kim address it and was sailing you can finding answers and healing in the word. Homosexuality is not the only sin it’s just one of the many things we do. But all can be forgiven if you ask the lLord God to forgive you in Jesus name. She is a pastor first she just was trying to save some souls.

      • Jesus is Real on said:

        I meant she’s nnot trying to hurt anybody’s feelings just telling the world the word of God. I agree with Tim Green

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