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Daily Caller video columnist Stephanie Hamill came for Cardi B in a Tweet on Monday, challenging her to explain how her latest “Twerk” music video helps to empower women in the era of  #metoo.

Cardi responded: “It says to women that I can wear and not wear what ever I want. do w.e I want and that NO still means NO”

Her new video for City Girls’ “Twerk” has amassed 22.8M views since last week. Hamill, a Donald Trump supporter, was outraged over all the melanated booty shaking.

She added: “So Stephanie chime in..If I twerk and be half naked does that mean I deserve to get raped and molested?”

Hamill tweeted back agreeing that, “No means NO, NO MATTER what!” However, she claimed “this video” and others like it “sexually objectify women.” She added, “I think this hurts all women & the cause. We’re not sex OBJECTS!”

Cardi previously clapped back at conservative Tomi Lahren, who she threatened to “dog walk,” and prior to that she slammed Donald Trump for holding the country hostage with his petty government shutdown.

“All these conservatives been harassing me and telling me the most disgusting things these past few days,” she tweeted. “Listen I’m not telling ya to turn liberal all I’m saying is to admit that your president is f***in up this country right now! Liberal or conservative we ALL suffer as citizens.”

In related news, Cardi wants to reunite with her cheating husband, Offset, as she shared a screenshot Tuesday of a FaceTime chat with her man — who she allegedly split with in December — and their daughter, Kulture. She captioned it … “I wanna go home.”

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