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Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren called out Michelle Obama after the former first lady praised her husband and his success as a President during a speech in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Mrs. Obama noted the “chaos and nastiness” of U.S. politics and urged people to vote in the midterm elections.

“We get the leaders we vote for, we get the policies we vote for, and when we don’t vote, that’s when we wind up with government of, by and for other people,” she said at the When We All Vote event. “Because you can’t vote some of the time and then sit out. You know we saw that happen. We experienced that. We had a great president.”

On Fox & Friends on Tuesday, Lahren took issue with Obama’s “we had a great president” remark and voiced her opinion on Twitter, telling Michelle to “sit down.”

“Michelle Obama said we ‘had’ a great president. By what measure? Not in economic growth. Not in border enforcement. Not in strength on the world stage. Sit down, Michelle,” Tomi wrote.

As expected, Tomi’s tone and telling Michelle to “sit down” angered plenty of people on twitter, including MMG rapper Wale.

“Tammy when we stand ..u mad.. when we kneel u mad… why u so mad Tammy?” Wale wrote as he shared The Hill’s article on Tomi’s comments.

As reported by, Wale and Tomi had an exchange on Twitter earlier this year, when she failed at clapping back at the rapper for calling her “Tammy” on a track She tried to fire back, calling him “Whale” but it completely backfired. Hence why Wale refers to her as “Tammy” in this post.

Check out his latest response to “Tammy” (below).

It didn’t take long for people to school Lahren on the Obama administration:

In the end, the internet agreed that Trump has outdone Obama in arrests and indictments within his administration.


Michelle Obama Through The Years
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11 thoughts on “Wale Slams Tomi Lahren For Criticizing Michelle Obama: ‘Why U So Mad Tammy?’

  1. They mad at the wrong one, the wrong things just in denial. Some don’t know what they’re mad about they just like being mad mean hateful and nasty about the black president. Fix it Jesus.

  2. Mad white woman. What is it with people of color with her? She told a basketball player to shut up and dribble. I don’t hear her on these white man and their crime.

      • americanize on said:

        Mc sissy if I,m so unintelligent why do you and ur racist coherts,responed to my post you notice I never responed to ur post,b/c its the same dumb racist bullsh*t.I really don,t give a sh*t what you pos,but when you called yourself critiquing my post I,m going to clap back hard and don,t give a sh*t how you feel about it,I don,t respect racist mutha fu*kers like you.I give your dumb azz the last word.

      • I’m not finding any evidence of that however if true he would join the ranks of other prominent commenters like William Jefferson, Jessie Jackson Jr, Marion Barry, John Edwards so I hope your point isn’t that the facts he puts forward have no barring because of his past transgressions because Al Sharpton and Joy Reid sure as hell should STFU

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