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On Friday, NBC announced that Megyn Kelly’s morning talk show had been canceled and the move comes — as the New York Times put it — “for wondering aloud on-air why it was inappropriate for white people to dress up (on Halloween) in blackface.”

Kelly was fired from her show following the public uproar over her comments.

As Sandra Rose wrote: “NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt covered the story and discussed Kelly’s blackface comments but he didn’t mention whiteface — and for good reason.”


Here’s how SandraRose breaks it down:

Mediate blog found a photo of Holt dressed up as British chanteuse Susan Boyle, who is Caucasian. Holt, who is mixed race, wears whiteface makeup, a wig and a dress for Halloween.

“Then there is Jimmy Fallon, whose running skits as former Utah Jazz NBA star Karl Malone and comedian Chris Tucker, both of whom are Black, drew big laughs. Fallon, who is white, didn’t just wear blackface makeup, He also spoke “with a defined speech impediment” to suggest that Malone was less than intelligent.”

“Mediate called out NBC for its hypocrisy in firing Kelly for just talking about blackface Halloween costumes — while two of the network’s biggest personalities actually dressed up as someone of a different race.”

Even Hoda Kotb once dressed in Whiteface for Halloween.

Meanwhile, NBC issued a statement saying that in the wake of the cancellation of  “Megyn Kelly Today,” the 9 a.m. hour would be hosted by other “Today” co-anchors.

Kelly’s exit deal is still being negotiated, with reports that she’s asking for $50 million of her purported $69 million contract.

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