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It’s March which means the NCAA’s March Madness is in full effect with teams from all over the country participating.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fallon makes note of the fact that as much as people want to know who the winner will be that, “March Madness is all about the upsets.”

Every week Fallon will do a skit rooting for the lowest seed in the tournament, the underdog, instead of winning teams. And this week’s lowest seed is the Historically Black College Texas Southern University.

In the video, Fallon fires himself up like a coach giving a pep talk to his team before the big game. He gave a shout out to TSU’s head coach Mike Davis which Fallon said,”found time to coach his son in high school basketball.”

He moves on to teammates Damontrae Jefferson and Donte Clark who he congratulates for team work. “Your Texas Southern. Your team Southern. Your America’s team. The math might not be on your side, but you know who is? This guy,” says Fallon as he beats his chest.

What is a team without its mascot? They’re the Tiger’s which inspired Fallon to compare them to some inspirational Tiger’s who’ve made a comeback. Making a reference to Tiger Woods who’s come back from hard times to almost win a tournament. And to the loveable tiger we all love, Tony the Tiger and his dedication to Frosted Flakes.

Fallon may have made a funny skit but the idea behind rooting for the under dogs is a pretty good one. Take a look at the sketch below.



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