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Michelle Williams has been open about her struggles with depression, even checking into a mental health facility back in July, a decision she wasn’t ashamed to share with fans online.

Now the R&B singer has revealed that this extremely low point in her life affected her relationship with fiance Chad Johnson, causing the couple to break up twice.

via Page Six:

The Destiny’s Child singer first ended her engagement weeks after Johnson popped the question in March, then again just before she checked herself into a mental health facility in July, according to People.

“I thought I was over depression, I thought, ‘I’m good!’ I’ve got love, I’m working out,” the 38-year-old star told the publication. “But I was so angry. The rage built up in me. I did not attempt suicide, but I was questioning [life].”

Williams says she recognized the signs of depression from earlier in her career and began noticing a change around Coachella back in April, the report states.

“The entire year we were rehearsing every day for hours,” the Gospel singer added. “I was burying it, and before you knew it, I was looking up out of the pit like, ‘Oh my God.’”

She apparently tried to kick Johnson to the curb but he refused to give up on her and their relationship.

“I would’ve understood [if he left],” Williams explained. “He’s been praying for a wife. He didn’t pray for a depressed wife.”

Today, the couple are reportedly undergoing premarital counseling while she continues her own private counseling sessions.

“People fall off the fitness wagon, people fall off the wellness wagon, but I can’t fall off the [therapy] wagon,” the star reiterated. “I have to get healed to live this happy life.”

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4 thoughts on “Michelle Williams On How Her Battle With Depression Almost Ruined Engagement To Chad Johnson

  1. Passing Through!! on said:

    that this extremely low point in her life affected her relationship with fiance Chad Johnson, causing the couple to break up twice
    Which is why this bulls**t fake swirl won’t last. The white preacher is only using her for publicity to expand his church he only sees her as a camodity. She’s beyond pathetic.

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