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A Missouri auto shop may be hit with a lawsuit after several workers held a workplace walkout. The move came after an African-American employee was fired for standing up against the shop owner’s racist words.

Workers at the East End X-Press Lube in Belleville, Illinois refused to back down and left their jobs after supporting DeWayne Wren, the African-American employee, who had called out the business’ owner for using the N-Word and other racial slurs, the Riverfront Times reported.

The employees’ working environment became nightmarish when their boss, who was identified as Paul Beeler, began spewing racist language, they said. Beeler committed some horrible offenses, such as telling a story about his previous work as a milk truck driver to a customer mentioning that “Black kids running to get their milk looked like monkeys.” Adding insult to injury, he also referred to Wren as the N-Word during another incident. “I don’t understand why black people get offended when they’re called [the n-word] when they wear their pants on their ass, because that is what they look like and right now you look like a [n-word],” Beeler said, according to Wren.

“So I was an employee at this place the owner used ‘n-word’ towards me and around me like it’s normal so me and the entire staff confronted them about the use of the racial slurs and in return I was fired immediately,” Wren said on Facebook.

Three white employees backed Wren and said that they feel he was fired because of his skin color. Wren is exploring what his next move is but has not hired an attorney.

Stories Of Racism And Discrimination In 2018
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2 thoughts on “Employee May Threaten Lawsuit After Walking Out Over Boss’ Racist Language

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    Hey Wren, go for broke with this man. As the poster below says, you may be blackballed in your town and finding a job will be a problem, but after you wring the owner of East End’s pockets, you won’t need to look for a job for quite awhile. I wish you the best!

  2. Take this stance, and show the other bigots in your town how this won’t be tolerated. You’re going to be black balled, by the racist coalition any. Why not? They have the nerves to call us monkeys, when they act like SNOWBEAST.

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