An English teacher at Greenfield High School in Missouri became a martyr in the ongoing Critical Race Theory debate after she was fired when a parent reported her for teaching CRT by way of a worksheet titled "How Racially Privileged Are You?"

Following a longstanding lawsuit that saw Toni Morrison's historic book 'The Bluest Eye' taken off shelves at libraries throughout the Missouri School District, a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union has now resulted in the book being returned to its rightful place. 

Billed as the "Black HerStory Initiative," The Griot Museum will use grant money received as part of The Monument Lab Re:Generation team to to create awareness on how much Black women have helped build the area with help from local artists and activists.


The summer surge of COVID-19 is causing a spike in deaths in Missouri, including 124 reported Tuesday.

Having just had her flight canceled, a Missouri woman’s luck quickly changed when she won $1 million from a Florida Lottery scratch-off ticket.

The death of a Black Missouri teenager back in April appears to be racially motivated, especially after the coroner's initial suicide ruling was dismissed by a Missouri jury that believe his gunshot wound wasn't self-inflicted and may be linked to a Confederate flag-wielding racist by the name of James Wade.


A tenured science teacher in Missouri has been fired after he allegedly referred to MLK Day as “Black Privilege Day” during his classes.

An ex-St. Louis police officer was found guilty for his part in the brutal beating of an undercover Black officer, sparked by a protest over the acquittal of police officer Jason Stockley for the 2017 shooting death of 24-year-old Black man Anthony Lamar Smith.

Personal-finance website WalletHub came up with tons of interesting facts while researching America's most fun states in 2021, which was comprised using 26 key metrics (movie costs, accessibility of national parks, casinos per capita, etc.) to compare the 50 states. 


O’FALLON, Mo. (AP) — A white suburban St. Louis police detective who was captured on video apparently hitting a black suspect with a police SUV then kicking and punching the man was charged Wednesday with two counts of assault and armed criminal action. Special Prosecutor Tim Lohmar announced the charges against Florissant Detective Joshua Smith, […]


A Missouri mom is rightfully beside herself after her 14-year-old daughter reported she was the target of a racist meme, sent and shared among her classmates. The meme in question shows a white man hosing a young Black child with water, with a caption that reads, “Go be a n—-r somewhere else,” according to KMOV […]

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt has represented numerous families of victims of police violence, including Botham Jean and Atatiana Jefferson. He recently gained three more clients. The attorney tweeted that he has been hired by the families of three Black men who were killed by police in the same week. Aside from being victims of police […]