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(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Aretha Franklin was laid to rest today in an epic, hours-long funeral that featured dynamic speakers and soul-stirring performances. It was a fitting end to the reign of the Queen of Soul who was known both for her civil rights activism and her amazing voice and legendary career.

Only Aretha Franklin could have a funeral that was at times a Sunday Black Baptist Church service, a revival, a concert, a tribute, a history lesson, a call to arms and family reunion and have it broadcast live to a global audience. (As of this posting, it’s still going on, so we will update throughout.)

Here are some of the highlights from the service.

Cicely Tyson



Clark Sisters

Shirley Caesar





Rev. Al Sharpton

Yolanda Adams and Paul Morton


Jennifer Hudson


Ariana Grande

Micheal Eric Dyson






PHOTOS: Inside Aretha Franklin’s Funeral
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8 thoughts on “Highlights Of The Aretha Franklin Funeral Service

  1. The service was lengthy, but beautiful, and the Queen deserved every bit of it. One thing I thought was funny was Al Sharpton’s mannerisms while he was sitting next to Min. Farrakhan. Apparently, he wanted to stay far away from him as possible. If he scooted over any closer in his chair he would have been in Jesse Jackson’s lap. Also, I read there was some comments about Min. Farrakhan being at the funeral. For those who had an issue with it also had an issue with the Queen. You can certainly believe that he was there—and center stage—because the Queen and the family wanted him to be.

    • F bitch. Sharpton is a con man who owes 4 million in taxes, incited race riots in crown heights screaming “white interlopers,” gave a black supremacist hate speech which is readily available online, tawana brawley hoax I can do on forever. He is the worst racist to ever walk this earth along with FARRACOON and JACKSON. and “slick willy” is there for for good measure.

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  3. Barbara Isaac & sons on said:

    Glory be to our Father. Thankful for the family sharing this precious Home Going. I 🙏🏽 the Queen of soul’s family and friends, let the Comforter specialize…….

  4. stephanie Jones on said:

    Ariana Grande, you weren’t performing at the gentleman’s ballet, what you had on was very disgraceful, somebody should have let you know that was not appropriate for the Queen’s funeral, very disrespectful, you would not have showed up dressed like that at your mother’s funeral, show some RESPECT!

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