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A video that has gone viral on Facebook appears to show a Westland Police Officer tasing a man as he is holding his two-month-old baby.

ABC reports that the incident happened on August 17 just outside of Detroit while neighbors were having a BBQ. Police arrived after someone called to report a fight, neighbor Kelvin Williams says, there was no fight.

“At that point, my friend Ray got a little agitated like you’re coming over to my house, my property and you’re asking me about something I don’t know about,” Williams told ABC.

In the video Ray Brown begins to argue with the officers who repeatedly tell him that he is going to be arrested. The officers tell Brown to, “get the baby out of here,” but he refused.

Officers then crowd into Brown with a taser out. Nichole Skidmore, Brown’s girlfriend, and mother to two-month-old Christopher come to try and take the baby.

It appears in the video that Brown was still holding on to the baby and in the midst of passing the baby on to Skidmore when he is tased.

“I had to catch the baby,” Skidmore told ABC. “I was in the street talking with the cops. I had to come over. The taser is on this side of him, and the baby is over here. As soon as they start tasing him the baby flew out of his hands and I had to grab him, or he would have fell.”

Brown was arrested and placed in custody soon after that.

Westland police released this statement on Monday:

On August 17th Westland Police Officers were dispatched to an address on Belding Court in Westland on report that a male subject had physically assaulted a female and that he had damaged her vehicle.

Westland Police Officers made contact with the man involved in the incident. It was determined that the man was going to be arrested for the assault, the damaged property and also for a number of outstanding arrest warrants. Once the man learned that he was going to be arrested he grabbed the child from the mother’s arms and held the child tightly. The man refused to release the child back to the mother who was also asking for the child back.

At that time the police officers on scene felt that a close quarters direct taser deployment directly to the subjects back was the safest option. The video shows that during the deployment the child was also in the hands of the mother. The child was not injured during the arrest. The child was examined by the Westland EMT and turned over to the mother.

Like all Use of Force incidents, The Westland Police Department will conduct a thorough internal investigation to determine whether policy and procedure was followed and whether the incident was handled correctly. At this point in time that investigation is only in the beginning phase.

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8 thoughts on “Father Tased By Police With 2-Month-Old Baby In His Arms

  1. Robert on said:

    you low IQ idiots can barely even get out of bed each day and just survive. You are too busy blaming others for racism even though in my 41 years I have seen far more racism and hate come from African Americans. You are too busy making swastikas out of your own feces and trying to blame white people, you are too busy claiming that white girls beat you up on a bus just because you’re black only to have it known that you are the one that started the fight and assaulted the white girls, you are too busy walking around College libraries making people say black lives matter or else you will punch them, you are to busy making false job rejection letters because of your ghetto name, your to busy shooting yourselves and not worrying about it (just this last weekend in Chicago, 58 of you were shot), and so on. Want me to keep going? Only you dumb dumbs are dumb enough to turn a simple traffic stop into your own death just to prove that you don’t have to follow the rules and nobody can tell you what to do. It should be declared that African Americans are mentally retarded just for being born black. I don’t despise all black people, just the ones born in this country. You do struggle but that struggle is against yourselves.

  2. tedgravely on said:

    These were equal opportunity dummies. An interracial couple. Just google and you can get a better read from a tv news report. It indicates that another woman accused Ray Brown and his girlfriend of assault and damaging her car. If that’s the case, why didn’t they take his girlfriend Skidmore to lock up so she could keep him company? Don’t march or feel sorry for that Saddam Hussein coward that uses a baby as a human shield. The mother isn’t any better. As soon as he started talking to the police, her instincts should have removed that baby from harm’s way.

    • Do you know this man kates 1221? How can you suggest how many times he’s held his child? I wonder what type of upbringing you had to even think that, and not presume he may even be involved, good or bad, in this infant’s life. “JUDGE NOT, LESS YE BE JUDGE.” People like you will be judging this infant, years ahead, for a life he had no say in.

  3. African American Woman on said:

    Dumbass….you grab your infant son and put him in harm’s way to cover your stupid ass. I’m glad the baby was ok but he deserved to get his ass lit up.

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