The police beating of Tyre Nichols that led to his death will get even more heartbreaking now that body cam footage has been released.

A 41-year-old Black man from Greensboro, North Carolina suffered extreme excessive force at the hands of Camden County corrections officers.

A woman protesting the overturning of Roe v. Wade at the NBA Finals led to her being handcuffed & sedated by San Francisco paramedics.

A Black boy was singled out amongst his white friends at the annual Cali Expo in a police attack the family claims violated his civil rights.

The recent case of 25-year-old Brandon Calloway being brutally beaten by Tennessee cops in his home has many people seeking justice.

An abortion rights rally in Providence led to Rhode Island State Senate hopeful Jennifer Rourke getting punched by her Republican opponent.

After killing 3 people over the span of 5 years as a Wauwatosa cop, Joseph Mensah has just avoided charges in the most recent murder.

A 54-year-old Black woman in California was the latest victim to prove that excessive force is a huge problem for African Americans after she was gunned down by a Stockton police officer that fired 30 shots at her car for backing into his cruiser.

Another Black man driving for a high-profile company experienced the latest case of DWB recently thanks to a police officer in Collegedale, Tennessee that tased him during a traffic stop.

The latest example of unnecessary police brutality comes by way of a Kentucky State prisoner who unfortunately died after prison guards used excessive force while he was having a Bipolar mental episode.

A Black male student at Purdue University in Indiana sadly is one of the latest of our people to experience police brutality after an on-campus police officer pinned him down by the neck with an elbow. Thankfully, that cop has since been put on leave until further notice.

North Carolina’s Fayetteville Police released the 911 call made by a Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputy after he fatally shot 37-year-old Black man, Jason Walker, while off duty.