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Aretha Franklin is reportedly in serious condition while being housed in a Detroit hospital.

The Queen of Soul is currently surrounded by friends and family and they’re asking for prayers and privacy at this time. According to Showbiz 411, she’s in a “gravely ill” state as those around her are preparing for the worst.

Franklin has been battling numerous health problems for years and canceled a series of concerts last summer citing “doctor’s orders.” Her most recent performance was on November 2, 2017 for the Elton John AIDS Foundation in New York.

The 76-year-old was reportedly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011, but she denied reports that she carried the disease.

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42 thoughts on “Aretha Franklin Is Reportedly In ‘Gravely Ill’ Condition

  1. Vernon Hines on said:

    My prayers,I understand life and aging time has passed our quickly,I remember running to the record to buy and lp that had just come out my junior year in H.S that has been 46 yrs,I will always love you.To Aretha Franklin

  2. When Aretha Franklin clamored for R-E-S-P-E-C-T way back in 1967, men suddenly became aware of how they treated women. Fifty-one years and a million arguments later, women are still calling on men to respect them. Only now the rules have changed, and women not only seek respect, we demand it. Thank you, Queen of Soul for your royal contributions, you will always hold a special place in our ears and hearts.

  3. esther hill on said:

    ms a knows the way to war for her life…if she is not too tired, if she is not ready, she knows what to do… it’s in her hands. God blessed us with a woman with a voice and presence that touched the whole world and for that i am very grateful. we(the world) are praying for you sweet lady…amen

  4. felicia stewart on said:

    Blessings and Prayers with recovery. Aretha only God knows the day, hour and minute. WE are like trees we bloom blossom and die to be reborn again wait until God calls all to our home of peace and serenity You sang soulful songs that will last eternally. Love

  5. Lord Have mercy!!! I pray she gets better. We are losing alot of our greats. I know we all have to go one day but it is still hard.

  6. Only decent people are blessed to have loved ones with them when facing a serious health issue. I prayed for her this morning in hopes that God will heal Ms. Aretha

  7. We all have an appointed time by God, but I am reluctant to refer to Aretha in the past tense like some of the media is doing. Ever since the report a few years ago that she had pancreatic cancer and she said it wasn’t true and seemed to bounce back from whatever her illness was and did a few concerts after that, I just feel that I can’t believe any grave reports. God be with her, though.

  8. Karl Crosby on said:

    That is so sad to hear. No one likes to hear that such a great recording star is near death. It hurt me so much also during the
    death of Ray Charles. Aretha I pray for your recovery and GOD does also.

  9. Lester J.Outterbridge on said:

    God Bless, Sis. Arethea(Rea-Rea) I will always love her and her music. May the Good Lord continue to Bless her. Nothing to hard for God. His will be done.In Jesus the Christ name.Got to find me an Angel one of her many songs I loved.

  10. We all hate to see those we love and admire go, but we all have an appointed time with GOD. We will celebrate her life forever along with the other legends. God please comfort her and give her peace if this her appointed time, if not please heal her in the name of Jesus!!

  11. Sharon G Doss on said:

    The Queen of Soul! Prays going up for a speedy recovery! Its in the hands of the Lord right now and we know with GOD the almighty, anything is possible!

  12. Trina Kinney Moss on said:

    God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. God knows the Queen and she knows Him. Love and Peace be still.

  13. S. Gray on said:

    Prayers to family! Aretha is and always will be The Queen Of Soul! What a amazing blessed life GOD has allowed The Queen to have! Love you my Sis In Christ!

  14. tedgravely on said:

    This is just my opinion. When she is called, I will not shed a tear of sadness. The Queen led an unbelievable life through her gift. This woman sang for Presidents. She sat with Sam Cooke, Ali, and others. Oh when the time comes, the celebration of her life should be grand. She’s gained much respect. I will blast my wife’s favorite Aretha song; Do Right Woman – Do Right Man. God’s got her – no worries.

      • Don’t play that song for me and Say a little prayer we’re two of my all tone favs from the queen of soul.

      • Yes, Aretha’s rendition of “Say a Little Prayer” was one of my favorites. Also “Dr. Feel Good” and “Ain’t No Way”–an underrated classic! And of course EVERY SONG on her gospel album, “Amazing Grace.”

    • Sharman on said:

      Thank you for that wonderful perspective. It just made me sit up straight and realize how blessed I am to have lived through her entire career. No tears, no sorrow.

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