Reverend Al Sharpton: ‘I Worry That My Grandson Will Have Less Rights Than I Do’ 


Reverend Al Sharpton is headed to Florida, just as he did six years ago to defend Trayvon Martin. This time he is going to stand up for, and take care of the family of Markeis McGlockton.

McGlockton was killed in Clearwater, Florida, while defending his girlfriend and children after a white man walked up to the parked car and yelled at them over a parking spot. While having words with the man, McGlockton pushed him to the ground. And While on the ground the man shot and killed McGlockton.

The Sheriff didn’t arrest the shooter, no jury or judge was involved, and he decided that the murder of Markeis McGlockton was justified under the stand your ground law. This is eerily similar to the Trayvon Martin case.

The Reverend recently announced that he is going to be a grandfather. Becoming a grandfather ignites a new fire within him to fight the good fight. The idea is to leave a better world for your grandchildren and Sharpton says, “I worry that my grandson will have less rights than I do.”




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4 thoughts on “Reverend Al Sharpton: ‘I Worry That My Grandson Will Have Less Rights Than I Do’ 

  1. African American Woman on said:

    Yeah, ask Tawana Brawley how much this shyster cares about black folk. He used her to lie and jumpstart his race baiting career and dumped him when the truth was revealed…he gets paid to show up at rallies! Try showing up in his rich neighborhood and see how far you get…Lebron1969, best Al Sharpton comment ever!

  2. Justbeingme on said:

    the system wasnt built for people of color. and im glad he is going to take a stand for justice there should be many more people standing with him on this because if it doesnt start with him then who. if not it will be open season on black people.

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