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If you’re on any type of social media, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across the McClure twins. Alexis and Ava are two beautiful girls with big personalities. They share hair tips, their thoughts on the day, and interactions with their parents and baby brother.


Their mother, Ami Dunn McClure, is Nigerian and their father, Justin McClure is White. According to Bossip, Before his daughters became famous, McClure was attempting to have a career as a comedian. His professional Twitter page was changed to his daughters’ page once they became popular.

Apparently daddy didn’t do a very good job cleaning up his Twitter, because recently someone found some old tweets from Justin McClure that suggest that he had stereotypical and racist beliefs. He tried to delete the posts from 2010 and 2011, but of course, people took screenshots.

See below:


In them, he wrote things like:

“Black people can’t say ‘ask’ but they have no trouble saying Cadillac Escalade. #IfIWasBlack #blackpeoplecantsayask.”

“Dominican women I know: Ilia, Awilda, Janitsy, Zora. Black women I know: Chandelier, Lasagna, Constellation, Walgreens #whenblackpeoplegetpaid.”

“Mark my word…one day a black woman will name a child Allergies, “My Allergies been acting up lately…daaaaamn.”

[We should note that this one was composed after his daughters were born, to their Black mother.]

“Lately I’ve been under the impression…Impression is this black girl I went out with. She loves being on top. #blackgirls #ghetto.”

As if the tweets, weren’t enough, Justin McClure also wrote a blog post about the hurdles that white men attempting to date Black women face.

He wrote:

“White guys are typically more cautious, laid back, and considerate of women. White guys might see a hot black girl at a bar or something, but talk themselves out of approaching because Anderson Cooper comes on in 30 minutes. They have to get home. Black and Spanish men lifting weights on the corner don’t even know who Anderson Cooper is, but they hope he buys their new mix tape. I

In New York City, I’ve seen black and Spanish men sing to women on the street, saw a black man with bags of groceries chase a woman down many blocks (he had ice cream, too), and one time I saw a Spanish guy jump the subway tracks to get to the other side in effort to talk to a girl. When he got there, the girl wasn’t interested. He came back across the tracks and waited for his train like it never happened. Kid you not. 

Black women have never been opposed to dating white men (for the most part) so when they get an email from a cute chalky boy they are like “He’s cute. I’ll definitely go out with him”, but on the street that would have never happen because the white guy would be too busy thinking about TED talks or buying books off Amazon.com to notice the sister. White guys don’t make the moves in person. So Caucasian guys if you want to date a black girl or curvy Spanish chick, get online. Send some emails. Talk about how you love piñatas and Fubu, whatever it takes.”

McClure says that the tweets were supposed to be “comedy” and that he’s matured since then. But people didn’t hesitate to call him out because when he posted the tweets, his mixed race children had already been born.

The family posted a YouTube video to address the issue. See it below.


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