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During Pride Week at Spelman College senior Amber Warren received a hate note about her sexuality according to The Root.

Written on notebook paper and placed at the door of her dorm room the note read, “Keep your [transgender slur] out of our bathrooms. Thanks!” The message was directed at her and her partner who is a trans man and student at the college.

However, the hate messages didn’t stop there. She received another note, just as harsh as the last, that read, “We don’t want you. F–k you freaks. Keep Spelman safe. No queers.”

On April 25, Warren had enough and brought the messages to the attention of administrative staff on campus. In 2017, Spelman became the first all-women HBCU to change their acceptance policy to allow entrance to students who identify and live as women to their school.

When the policy was amended many students and alumni praised the change but for Warren receiving these notes, it makes her think of all the people who weren’t happy with it.

“I’m just hurt because I feel like I worked so hard to create safe spaces for everybody,” explained Warren. She is the president of the LGBTQ student organization on campus. “Even though I did all this work, it’s not about individuals, it’s really about unity.”

The Dean of College Relations informed Warren that a letter has been sent out campus-wide about the incident. The letter stated that the incident was, “unacceptable and a violation of Spelman principles and values and code of conduct.”

However, Warren believes that it is not enough. “It’s just an email to me,” Warren said. “It’s a start, but it’s not helping what happened.” She explained that the letter sends the wrong message that disciplinary action will not be taken.

She believes that Spelman has more work to do and that they need to step up in their efforts to make sure students feel safe on campus and to educate them on these prejudices.



(Source: The Root)