Angelia Jolie has announced her third-oldest, Zahara Jolie-Pitt, is on the brink of HBCU greatness after being accepted to Spelman College. 

Ralph Lauren pays homage to a prominent institution by launching a new clothing collaboration alongside sibling HBCUs Morehouse and Spelman. However, some are upset that it ignores other historically Black colleges and universities while also highlighting a segregated era in American history.


ATLANTA (AP) — Sixty years have passed since Roslyn Pope came home from Europe to a segregated South and channeled her frustrations into writing “An Appeal for Human Rights.” The document published on March 9, 1960, announced the formation of the Atlanta Student Movement, whose campaign of civil disobedience broke a suffocating stalemate over civil […]

During Pride Week at Spelman College senior Amber Warren received a hate note about her sexuality according to The Root. Written on notebook paper and placed at the door of her dorm room the note read, “Keep your [transgender slur] out of our bathrooms. Thanks!” The message was directed at her and her partner who is a trans man and […]


Rape on college campuses may be nothing new, but this doesn’t make it any less troubling. Even moreso, if nothing is being done about it. Over the weekend disturbing signs were plastered around the campuses of Morehouse and Spelman Colleges — some even naming specific students who had allegedly raped other students on campus. The […]


Spelman College is setting a precedent for historically Black colleges and universities across the country. On September 5 it was announced that the all-women’s college will openly admit trans women into their school for the 2018 to 2019 school year. The current president of the school, Mary Schmidt Campbell, made the announcement via a letter […]

Spelman College established a task force to consider whether to admit transgender students. The historically Black college would join a wave other elite women's institution to make the policy change.

The account, which started posting May 2, details how the unidentified student was partying with upperclassmen from the men's college -- which is also the brother school to Spelman, a private women's college -- when four students took the anonymous poster into a room and began the sexual assault.

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