A white Kentucky high school teacher was fired after being captured on film fighting a Black student. An investigation discovered he ‘escalated the situation when he told the teenager, who is a gunshot victim, he was ‘just another Black boy who got shot.’

Racism in the workplace is an issue that can affect many industries, and unfortunately it looks like Google techies might not be as forward-thinking in the race relations department as they are when creating innovative products, particularly when it comes to Black women.


A white male flight attendant with JetBlue was filmed siding with a white male passenger who refused to get up from his seat to let a Black woman into her seat.

A FedEx driver who went viral with his video admitting his refusal to deliver packages to homes with Black Lives Matter or Biden/Harris flags, has been fired.

The Alpha Delta Pi sorority has been indefinitely disbanded from Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina after a white sorority member used pictures of Black student football players in a presentation on features she considered “unattractive.”


The first Black police chief in Waterloo, Iowa, is facing intense opposition from some current and former officers as he works with city leaders to reform the department, including the removal of its longtime insignia that resembles a Ku Klux Klan dragon.

A San Diego-area school district voted Tuesday night to fire a head basketball coach after tortillas were hurled at a team from a mostly Latino high school.


BOSTON (AP) — Black and Latino defendants in Massachusetts are more likely than white defendants to be locked up for drug and weapons offenses and get longer sentences than white people sent to prison for similar crimes, researchers at Harvard Law School said in a report released Wednesday. In a yearslong study sought by the […]

During Pride Week at Spelman College senior Amber Warren received a hate note about her sexuality according to The Root. Written on notebook paper and placed at the door of her dorm room the note read, “Keep your [transgender slur] out of our bathrooms. Thanks!” The message was directed at her and her partner who is a trans man and […]

Benedict Cumberbatch, the Oscar-nominated actor who recently came under fire for calling black actors ‘colored’ in an interview with Tavis Smiley, has apologized over his offensive…