But things are shifting between these two after one of Towanda’s friends called Andre and told him all of her business. Not only does he know that Towanda has moved on and started dating again, but he also knows who the guy is. So he decides to go to Instagram and post petty stuff about Towanda for the world and their children to see. You know those subliminals that people post about you but, then swear it’s not about you!

And who is this friend, because he or she broke all kinds of friend codes when they split the tea.

Andre’s doing better than us, though. At least he knows who this mystery man is because we, the viewers, and her own sisters, are still in the dark.

In other news, Traci has her son Kevin and his girlfriend Olivia doing Baby Boot camp! She wasn’t playing when she said it the first time. Now Kevin and Olivia have to take care of this Robo-Baby for a few days to get used to having a newborn.

Traci is adamant that when this baby arrives she will not be the go-to person for drop off baby duties.

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